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Regression Analysis


Using Statdisk 10.4 version 1) Captopril is a drug designed to lower systolic blood pressure. When subjects were tested with this drug, their systolic blood pressure readings were measured before and after the drug was taken, with the results given in the accompanying table. Is there sufficient evidence to support the claim

Regression and Predicted Values

Find the regression equation, letting the first variable be the independent (x) variable. Find the indicated predicted values. Supermodel Heights and Weights - Find the best predicted weight of a supermodel who is 72 in. tall. Height (in.) 70,70.5,68,65,70,70,70,70,71 Weight (lb) 117,119,105,115,119,127,113,123,115

Logistic Regression/Odds Ratio

1. A random sample of 200 patients admitted to an adult intensive care unit (ICU) was collected to examine factors associated with death during hospital stay for ICU patients. Data was also collected on patient's age (in years), race, whether the patient had an infection at the time of ICU admission, and whether the patient had

Asian/Pacific Islander Adolescent Sexual Orientation and Suicide Risk in Guam

See attached file for full problem description. Asian/Pacific Islander Adolescent Sexual Orientation and Suicide Risk in Guam. The following exercise involves information from the July 2004 AJPH article, The authors performed both simple and multiple logistic regressions to estimate the association between having thou

Statistics Questions: regression and curve-fitting

The following data are selling prices z of a certain make and model of used cars w years old: (see table below) a) Fit a curve of the form z = cd^w by means of the nonlinear sample regression equation z = cd^w. Hint: use logarithmic transformations. b) Is d significantly different from 1 at the 0.05 significance level?


Utilize Statdisk version 10.4 only. 1) Open the Bears data set and use the values for age (x) and the values for weight (y) to find the following. (Ages are in months and weights are in pounds) a. Display the scatterplot of the paired age/weight data. Based on that scatterplot, does thee appear to be a relationship between

Multiple Regression Equation for BMI Data

The response (y) variable is weight in pounds, and the predictor (x) variables are HT (height in inches), WAIST (waist circumference in cm) and CHOL (cholesterol in mg). Predictor (x) Variables P-Value R² Adjusted R² Regression Equation HT, WAIST, CHOL 0.000 0.880 0.870 Y = -199 + 2.55 HT + 2.18 WAIST - 0.00534 CHOL HT, W

Regression Analysis

Find: (a) explained variation (b) unexplained variation (c) total variation (d) coefficient of determination (e) standard error of estimates s^e Listed below are budgets in millions of dollars and the gross receipts in millions of dollars from randomly selected movies. Budget 62 90 50 35 200 100 90 Gross 65 64 48 57

Testing of hypothesis and regression problems

3.3 The service life of a battery used in a cardiac pacemaker is assumed to be normally distributed. A random sample of 10 batteries is subjected to an accelerated life test by running them continuously at an elevated temperature until failure, and the following lifetimes (in hours) are obtained: 25.5, 26.1, 26.8, 23.2, 24.2,

Regression Problem

Barron's conducts an annual review of online brokers, including both brokers that can be accessed via a Web browser, as well as direct-access brokers that connect customers directly connected with the broker's network server. Each broker's offerings and performance are evaluated in six areas using a point value of 0-5 in each c

Multiple regression on Starbuks and DJIA data

Can you perform a multiple regression analysis with the data you have been collecting without changing that data or adding to it? Why or why not? Can you perform a multiple regression analysis with the data you have been collecting and additional data derived from that collection? Why or why not? See attachment for data.

Your company purchases automobiles at auction. Knowing how much to bid for a specific automobile is a skill which appears to be acquired with experience. Less experienced buyers make lots of mistakes. You want to transfer the skill of your most experienced buyers to your least experienced buyers quickly and simply.

1. Your company purchases automobiles at auction. Knowing how much to bid for a specific automobile is a skill which appears to be acquired with experience. Less experienced buyers make lots of mistakes. You want to transfer the skill of your most experienced buyers to your least experienced buyers quickly and simply. You

Interpretation of Multiple Regression Analysis Problems

1. In order to asses the profitability of additional hours spent on various projects, a manager decided to regress profitability of the project (Profits) vs. the number of hours spent on developing a project (Time). Profits are expressed in thousands of dollars. The results of the regressions are given below: Regression: Prof

Test for regression

In a multiple regression equation k = 5 and n = 20, the MSE value is 5.10, and SS total = 519.68. At the 0.05 significance level, can we conclude that any of the regression coefficients are not equal to 0?

Meaning of p value in regression analysis

When you run a regression in statistical software, and it gives you the results, please explain to me what the following fields mean: Prob > F [In particular, how small/large does this have to be to be statistically significant?] Root MSE P>|t| [Should the number be smaller than .05 to be significant at 5%?]

Predicting wins in baseball using linear regression

Q: Answer the following questions related to linear regression. Estimate the model that predicts wins from (grand mean centered) runs scored and (grand mean centered) runs allowed. {Note: Grand mean centering was used to aid in the interpretation of the intercept.} (a) What is the predicted model? (b) Do the coefficients

Students t tests and regression analysis

1. The following information should be used in conjunction with questions 1 to 6. Dave's Diners, a chain of cafes, is planning to open another one. Dave (the owner) believes that the size of the student population at nearby university campuses is related to sales revenue in the cafes. Dave and his management team collect data f

Multiple Regression Analysis - Lumber Price Data

Read the short article below concerning lumber prices (attachment). How would like I compute the multiple regression formula using the interest rates, lumber prices, and number of housing starts provided below. Once you have computed your multiple regression formula answer the following questions. What is the regressio

You want to know whether the estimates of costs are accurate predictors of the actual costs. Explain how you would use a simple linear regression model to answer that question.

Your company builds roads, bridges, schools and other multi-million dollar public construction projects. Competitive bids are made for the contracts to undertake these projects. For each project there are three costs: a) the best estimate of what the project will cost your company to complete, made before a bid is submitted; b

Is Regression a Good Model Here?

Gallop Marketing has been gathering data on people's television viewing habits in smaller metropolitan areas. Radhika Nanda, an analyst at Gallop, is trying to predict the number of households that tune in to a given television station at any time during a given calendar week. She has gathered data for 25 different stations/bro

Regression Analysis

How would I compute a simple regression formula using the interest rates and number of housing starts provided below. Also, once I have computed the regression formula, how would answer the following questions??? What is the regression formula that you computed? What would the approximate number of housing star

Regression analysis problems using SAS output

Regression analysis problems using SAS output. See attached file for full problem description. Three observations on a variable Y were obtained at each of 7 different X values. These 21 Y values are assumed to be mutually independent. A simple regression was run where Y was regressed on X. See graphs I and II, page A (atta

Multiple regression problems using SAS output

I have never used SAS before, but I need to answer some multiple regression problems using SAS output. Please see the attached files. Please label the variable used in answering the question so I can understand what is done. For a sample of people, three measurements are taken on each person (skin, thigh, arm) in an at

SPSS: Regression analysis question

Wageweb conducts surveys of salary data and presents summaries on its website. Based on salary data as of October 1, 2002, Wageweb reported the average annual salary for sales vice presidents was $142,111, with an average annual bonus of $15,432. Assume the following data are a sample of the annual salary and bonus for 10 vice

Business Statistics

Problem #5 Outside Magazine Outside Magazine tested 10 different models of day hikers and backpacking boots. The following data show the upper support and price for each model tested. Upper support was measured using a rating from 1 to 5, with a rating of 1 denoting average upper support and rating of 5 denoting excellent upper

Multiple choice questions from correlation and regression.

Question 1 The range of the correlation coefficient is? a. -1 to 0. b. 0 to 1. c. -1 to 1. d. None of the above. Question 2 Which of the following values could not represent a correlation coefficient? a. r = 0.99 b. r = 1.09 c. r = -0.73 d. r = -1.0 Question 3 Answer questions 3 - 9 from the following problem