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Regression Analysis

Linear Regression Analysis

Please see attached file. a. Compute the linear regression model based on the sample data if net sales are to be predicted using capital expenditures. b. Conduct a test to determine whether the relationship between McCormick's net sales and capital expenditures is significant. Interpet the meaning of this measure. c.

Linear Regression and Correlation Analysis

The editor wants to examine the relationship between the price of the vehicle and the horespower of the engine [see the attached file for the data]. a. (1) Develop a scatter plot for these data (2) Discuss what the plot implies about the relatinship between the two variables. Use price as the dependent (y) var

Simple Linear Regression Analysis

One of the editors of a major automobile publication has collected data on 30 of the best-selling cars in the United States. The editor is particularly interested in the relationship between highway mileage and curb weight of the vehicles. a. Develop a scatter plot for these data. Discuss what the plot implies about the re

Correlation Analysis and Scatter Plot

13.7 You are given the following data for variables x aqnd y X Y 20 16 18 12 24 18 20 17 22 21 14 10 18 10 ______________________________________ a. Plot these variables in scatter-plot format. Based on this plot, what type of relationship appears to exist between the two variab

Statistics Question

1. A study is being undertaken of companies going public. Of particular interest is the relationship between the size of the offering and the price per share. A sample of ten companies that recently went public revealed: Size Price (millions) Per Share Company X Y X2 XY 1

Least Squares Regression and Line of Best Fit

Harry spent the last few days at a lake and caught fish and the data is given below. Perform a Least Squares Regression for this data. Hours at lake (X) Fish caught(Y) 2 5 3 5 2 4 1 3 4

Important Regression Model Values

In the real world, whenever, we publish a regression model for use in prediction we take special care to make sure any reader or potential user of the model knows the lowest and highest values from each data set involved in development of the regression model. What are these values important? Describe a specific problem that c

Introduction to Linear Regression and Correlation Analysis.

1. The following information taken from the 1998 annual report of Baldor Electric Company shows net Sales and Working capital (in thousand dollars) for 1988 and 1998. [see attachment] a. Plot the variables Net Sale (y) and Working Capital (x) in scatter-plot format. What type of relationship appears to exist between Worki

Using Excel for Simple Regression Analyses

Using Excel as your processing tool, work through three simple regression analyses and use the data from the attached files. First run a regression analysis using the BENEFITS column of all data points in the AIU data set as the independent variable and the INTRINSIC job satisfaction column of all data points in the AIU data

Determining values and probability for exercise

Problem 3 Use three decimal places in your answers for this problem. The following table was collected. Hours of weekly exercise % Body Fat 0 32 3 20 5 18 14 12 Using the above calculate the best fit line and the R value. Show all of your calculations. Problem 4 Use four decimal places in your answers

Regression Analysis for Pro Football Player Salary

Seeking a regression analysis on the two pro football team player salaries.... Arizona Cardinals Year Median salary Total Payroll 2006 $ 710,000 $ 105,685,931 2005 $ 455,070 $ 76,539,161 2004 $ 621,424 $ 78,961,345 2003 $ 652,800 $ 81,034,928 2002 $ 383,165 $ 66,967,535

Coefficient of Correlation and Determination

A sample of 12 homes sold in St.Paul, Minnesota, is selected. Can we conclude that as the size of the home (reported below in thousands of square feet) increases, the selling price (reported in $ thousands) also increases? Use the MegaStat Scatterplot function in Regression or the Excel Chart Wizard to create a scatter plot, an

Multiple choice questions from linear regression analysis.

1. In a study of foreign holding in U.S. banks, year-end share of assets in U.S. banks held by foreigners (as a % of total assets) was related to: X1 = Annual change, in billions of dollars, in foreign direct investment in the U.S. (excluding finance, insurance, and real estate) X2 = Bank price-earnings ratio X3 = In

Multiple choice question from regression analysis

1. A car maker developed a new engine and wants to recommend the grade of gasoline to use. The four grades are: below regular, regular, premium and super premium. The test car made 3 trial runs on the track using each grade. Assuming any grade can be used at 0.05 level, what is the critical value of F for the acceptance/rejec

Forecast based on regression analysis

A manufacturer of summer clothing has generated the following regression model for forecasting the number of pairs of walking shorts (in hundreds of thousands) that will be sold during the next few quarters: See attached file for full problem description. ^/Yt=4.4+0.13t-0.44Q1+0.88Q2+1.32Q3 Where Q1, Q2 , Q3 and are

Questions from descriptive statistics, testing of hypothesis,ANOVA etc

1. The difference between the maximum and minimum observations in the sample is called A. Sample Data B. Sample Mean C. Sample Range D. Sample Interval 2. The area under the normal curve between z=0 and z=1 is ___ the area under the normal curve between z=1 and z=2. A. Less than B. Greater th

Regression analysis

The Cadet is a popular model of sport utility vehicle, known for its relatively high resale value. The bivariate data given below were taken from a sample of fifteen Cadets, each bought "new" two years ago and each sold "used" within the past month. For each Cadet in the sample, we have listed both the mileage, (in thousands of

Statistics - forecasting

1. Use the following time-series data to answer the given questions. Time Period Value Time Period Value 1 27 6 66 2 31 7 71 3 58 8

Correlation and Regression Analysis and Descriptive Models

1. How can correlation and regression analysis be used to make strategic decisions in a dynamic competitive business environment filled with risk and uncertainty (Consider the relations, either descriptive or predictive that can be accomplished with correlation regression analysis)? 2. What is the difference between a descri

Managerial Economics -

Since all the Hawkins Company's costs (other than advertising) are essentially fixed costs, it wants to maximize its total revenue (net of advertising expenses). According to a regression analysis (based on 124 observations) carried out by a consultant hired by the Hawkins Company, Q = -23 - 4.1P + 4.2I + 3.1A where Q is

Chi-Square and Multiple Regression

1) A survey was conducted at a university. 30 students randomly selected and asked if they watched football. Their answers (Y=yes, N=no) and their sex (M=male, F=female) follows: Viewing:YNNYYYNYYNYNNYYYNNYNNYNNNYNYNN Sex :MFFMFFMMFMMFFMFMMFMMFMFFFFFMMF Test the hypothesis that "watching football" is independent of "

Estimating population regression equation

A market analyst for the Weber Refrigerator Company has visited various appliance stores in a city to get data on the selling price of different brands of refrigerators. Use the following data to help determine whether the selling price in dollars is linearly related to the volume in cubic feet of the refrigerator. Price V

Sample Regression

The selling price of a used car is inversely(or negatively) related to the age of the car. That is, as the age increases, the selling price tends to decrease. The following table shows data for 10 cars of a certain make and model : Selling Price (In Dollars) Age (In years) (Y) (X)

Multiple Regression

Interpret the following results of multiple regression. Interpret each statistic (b and beta) for each independent variable and the intercept. Provide a complete interpretation using the five-step model of hypothesis testing (25 points). Regression: The Relationship Between Number of Math Courses Taken, High School Grade Po

Regression Analysis on Half Life

The half-life of aminoglycosides was measured on 43 patients given either Amikacin or Gentamicin. The data are reproduced in a different form in Table 7.21. (A) Perform a regression to estimate HALF-LIFE using DO_MG_KG for each type of drug separately. Do the drugs seem to have parallel regression lines? (B) Perform the a

F test of a multiple regression model

A company that manufactures computer chips wants to use a multiple regression model to study the effect that 4 different variables have on y, the total daily production cost (in thousands of dollars). Let denote the coefficients of the 4 variables in this model. Using 19 observations on each of the variables, the software pr

Predicting bed census with multiple regression model

To help schedule staffing and equipment needs, a large hospital uses a multiple regression model to predict its 'bed census' y, the number of beds occupied at the end of each day. Using hospital records from the most recent 30 days, a total of 3 independent variables are used to find the estimated regression model. Let B1, B2