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Regression Analysis

Test of significance for binary regression models

Test of significance for binary regression models: I have estimated both probit and logit regression models, and I want to check to see if a particular result is significant. Specifically speaking I want to test to determine whether or not V9 and V31 are significant. Please show me how to conduct such a test. Here is a sam

SPSS Logistic Regression

I have a set of data and I'm running logistic regression using s.p.s.s. I'm getting great results but when i try to run the formula ((e^(b0+b1**xi))/(1+e^(bo+b1**xi)) on excel I'm getting bad result. Can you help me to figure out whats going on here and why I don't get the right result on the excel? Can you sh

Multiple regression analysis with Excel

Do a multiple regression analysis for the following data in Excel where Selling Price is the dependent variable. Paste the results into a Word document. Below the output, write your hypotheses, decision and conclusion. Then highlight or circle the adjusted R2, the regression equation (or coefficients in Excel), the standard err

Forecasting Problem: Regression Model

For all exercises indicate the specific values from the model that you are using to draw your conclusions. No credit will be given for just yes or no answers. 1. Develop the regression model to forecast retail sales from non-retail sales. a) Show the scatter diagram graph of the data and on the graph show the regression li

Time series forecasting (seasonalized and deseasonalized)

A) Plot the data in 1982 dollars and find the least-squares trend line. What fraction of the variability in revenue is accounted for by the trend alone? B) Find the quarterly seasonal indices for the revenues in 1982 dollars, and use them to deseasonalize those revenues. C) Find the least-squares trend line for the deseas

Recommendations regarding Cinergy's coal allocation problem

Prepare a report that summarizes your recommendations regarding Cinergy's coal allocation problem. Be sure to include information and analysis for the following issues. 1. Determine how much coal to purchase from each of the mining companies and how it should be allocated to the generating units. What is the cost to purchase,

Regression Analysis in Genstat

Kindly explain in detail how to solve the problems using Genstat to generate the necessary graphs/charts. Please provide exact information on what are the commands to input inorder to generate the graphs/charts required. Kindly interpret the graphs/charts (given title, x & y axis description)and provide clear and concise expl

Sales Forecasting: Forecast the sales for the home improvements market for Mexico City for 2007 using expenditures per household as the explanatory (independent) variable in a linear regression analysis. Graph the actual and forecasted data. See attached for data.

Forecast the sales for the home improvements market for Mexico City for 2007 using expenditures per household as the explanatory (independent) variable in a linear regression analysis. Graph the actual and forecasted data. See attached for data. Select another possible explanatory variable, in addition to expenditures per hou

Regression Analysis on Phase V

Regression Analysis Problem. Answer the following questions based on the above table. A. How many houses were sold last week? n = _________? B. What is the dependent variable? Size of homes or selling prices? _____________________ C. What is the independent variable? Size of homes or selling p

Problem analysis--time series

1. Corporate triple A bond interest rates for 12 consecutive months are given below. Month Interest rate 1 9.5 2 9.3 3 9.4 4 9.6 5 9.8 6 9.7 7 9.8 8 10.5. 9 9.9 10 9.7 11 9.6 12

Regression analysis of Daily Operating Expense and number staff

In this study we will consider the current issues of operational expenses in relation to the number of staff and number of branches being experienced by 123 Finance Inc. With current company staff being split between eight separate branches located across the United States, it has been suggested that a means of reducing daily op


See attached file for full problem description. Question 2) If you are given that the dependent variable (y) is Annual Sales, and x1 is the number of jobs held by each member of the sales staff within the past 5 year period, x2 is the years of experience of each staff member and x3 is the number of glasses of wine each staff


Draw a scatter diagram. Determine the regression equation.


If I tell you that the coefficient for X1 is .35, and the coefficient for X2 is -1.6, what does that mean with respect to the y variable?

Regression and correlation

1) When is regression used? What are the assumptions of Linear Regression? 2) What is correlation? How does it differ from regression? What is the interpretation of the correlation coefficient?

Multiple choice question from time series analysis

1. Time series methods a. discover a pattern in historical data and project it into the future. b. include cause-effect relationships. c. are useful when historical information is not available. d. All of the alternatives are true. 2. Gradual shifting of a time series over a long period of time is called a. periodic

Hypothesis Test on Correlation and Regression Analysis

Palmdale Permits Population 2003 946 127,585 2004 1366 131,295 2005 1536 134,570 2006 1190 141,012 Total Permits: 5,038 Ho: p=0: The amount of permits is dependent upon population. H1: p is not equal to 0: The amount of permits is not dependent upon population. In

Regression analysis for age and blood alcohol concentration data

1. A study was conducted to investigate the relationship between age (in years) and BAC (blood alcohol concentration) measured when convicted DWI (driving while intoxicated) jail inmates were first arrested. Sample data are given below for randomly selected subjects. Age 17.2 43.5 30.7 53.1 37.2 21.0 27.6 46.3 BAC 0.19 0.20

Regression analysis for baseball data

The manager of the Ramona Inn Hotel near Cloverleaf Stadium believes that how well the local Blue Sox professional baseball team is playing has an impact on the occupancy rate at the hotel during the summer months. Following are the number of victories for the Blue Sox ( in a 162 game schedule) for the past eight years and the h


Metro Food Vending operates vending machines in office buildings, the airport, bus stations, colleges, and other businesses and agencies around town and operates vending trucks for building and construction sites. The company believes its sandwich sales follow a seasonal pattern. It has accumulated the following data for sandwic

Forecasting - Graphing

Given the historical population of London: Year Population 2000 7150000 1950 8300000 1900 2362000 1850 1000000 1800 700000 1750 600000 1700 350000 1650 200000 A. Estimate the population in 1600 B. Graph the

Regression analysis, Time series analysis, Chi square

Exercise 1 Calculate a four-quarter weighted moving average for the number of America Online (AOL) subscribers for the nine quarters of data. The data are reported in thousands. Apply weights of .1, .2, .3 and .4, respectively, for the quarters. In a few words, describe the trend in the number of subscribers. 31-Mar-01

Regression analysis for mutual fund data

Linear regression analysis; construct confidence intervals for regression parameters; correlation coefficient . We can use two products at my work, which are mutual funds and see if there is a correlation between the two. The two different funds are: a domestic stock mutual fund, which only invests in large organizations (lar

Quantitative analysis questions a - l

The director of graduate studies at a large college of business would like to be able to predict the grade point index (GPI) of students in an MBA program based on Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) score. A sample of 20 students who had completed 2 years in the program is selected; the results are as follows: [see the

Regression and Automated Testing Plan

Please prepare a Regression and Automated Testing Plan for a Course Project Think about including the following: A business letter to the Jonesville Library introducing the contents of the document A regression and automated testing plan that includes the following: - the phases targeted by the plan - how regress

Economics and Management

The following questions refer to this regression equation. (Standard errors in parentheses.) QD = 15,000 - 10 P + 1500 A + 4 PX + 2 I, (5,234) (2.29) (525) (1.75) (1.5) R2 = 0.65 N = 120 F = 35.25 Standard error of Y estimate = 565 Q = Quantity demanded P = Price = 7,000 A = Advertising expense, in thousands = 54 PX =