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Regression Analysis

Predicting wins in baseball using linear regression

Q: Answer the following questions related to linear regression. Estimate the model that predicts wins from (grand mean centered) runs scored and (grand mean centered) runs allowed. {Note: Grand mean centering was used to aid in the interpretation of the intercept.} (a) What is the predicted model? (b) Do the coefficients

Students t tests and regression analysis

1. The following information should be used in conjunction with questions 1 to 6. Dave's Diners, a chain of cafes, is planning to open another one. Dave (the owner) believes that the size of the student population at nearby university campuses is related to sales revenue in the cafes. Dave and his management team collect data f

Multiple Regression Analysis - Lumber Price Data

Read the short article below concerning lumber prices (attachment). How would like I compute the multiple regression formula using the interest rates, lumber prices, and number of housing starts provided below. Once you have computed your multiple regression formula answer the following questions. What is the regressio

You want to know whether the estimates of costs are accurate predictors of the actual costs. Explain how you would use a simple linear regression model to answer that question.

Your company builds roads, bridges, schools and other multi-million dollar public construction projects. Competitive bids are made for the contracts to undertake these projects. For each project there are three costs: a) the best estimate of what the project will cost your company to complete, made before a bid is submitted; b

Is Regression a Good Model Here?

Gallop Marketing has been gathering data on people's television viewing habits in smaller metropolitan areas. Radhika Nanda, an analyst at Gallop, is trying to predict the number of households that tune in to a given television station at any time during a given calendar week. She has gathered data for 25 different stations/bro

Regression Analysis

How would I compute a simple regression formula using the interest rates and number of housing starts provided below. Also, once I have computed the regression formula, how would answer the following questions??? What is the regression formula that you computed? What would the approximate number of housing star

Regression analysis problems using SAS output

Regression analysis problems using SAS output. See attached file for full problem description. Three observations on a variable Y were obtained at each of 7 different X values. These 21 Y values are assumed to be mutually independent. A simple regression was run where Y was regressed on X. See graphs I and II, page A (atta

Multiple regression problems using SAS output

I have never used SAS before, but I need to answer some multiple regression problems using SAS output. Please see the attached files. Please label the variable used in answering the question so I can understand what is done. For a sample of people, three measurements are taken on each person (skin, thigh, arm) in an at

SPSS: Regression analysis question

Wageweb conducts surveys of salary data and presents summaries on its website. Based on salary data as of October 1, 2002, Wageweb reported the average annual salary for sales vice presidents was $142,111, with an average annual bonus of $15,432. Assume the following data are a sample of the annual salary and bonus for 10 vice

Business Statistics

Problem #5 Outside Magazine Outside Magazine tested 10 different models of day hikers and backpacking boots. The following data show the upper support and price for each model tested. Upper support was measured using a rating from 1 to 5, with a rating of 1 denoting average upper support and rating of 5 denoting excellent upper

Multiple Regression Hypothesis Testing

The attached problem has three parameters and gives sum-of-squared deviation data. I can't find anything like this in a textbook. I need some help in determining how to solve it. See attached file for full problem description.

Multiple choice questions from correlation and regression.

Question 1 The range of the correlation coefficient is? a. -1 to 0. b. 0 to 1. c. -1 to 1. d. None of the above. Question 2 Which of the following values could not represent a correlation coefficient? a. r = 0.99 b. r = 1.09 c. r = -0.73 d. r = -1.0 Question 3 Answer questions 3 - 9 from the following problem

Quantitative Analysis of Sales Forecasts

Please don't forget to define the X and Y variables; use regression formulation to get stats; compile scatter plot graph including the equation and r(square) option;project sales for next year (quarterly); separate regression for Putnam and Sanford changing the variables that needs to be changed. Hayes Pump, LLC is a multi-li

Operations Management - Multiple Regression forecasting

Baseball Mark Havana has just bought a major league baseball team. He has been receiving a lot of advice concerning what he should do to create a winning baseball club. Mark asks you to study this problem and write him a report. You decide to use regression analysis to determine which statistics are important in developing a

Regression Analysis

Describe the research issue, problem, or opportunity and the accompanying data. Then, perform a regression analysis on your data using any method of computation. Finally, interpret the results of your regression analysis, state the limitations of your analysis, and describe the significance of the results as a whole. Be sure to

Regression model for GPA and ACT

The attached table contains the ACT scores and the GPA scores (grade point average) for 8 students. GPA is based on a 4 point scale and has been rounded to one digit after the decimal. (i) Using Ordinary Least Squares regression, obtain the estimated parameters in the following equation: (ii) Compute the fitted values and

Regression Equation

Is there any way you can help me determine the regression equation on the following problem. I have done all of it but part 5 See attached file for full problem description.

Quantitative Methods Questions

I What do you know about regression analysis? What is regression analysis good for? II TRUE/FALSE Forecasting Components 1-A trend is a gradual, long-term, up or down movement of demand. 2-A cycle is an up-and-down repetitive movement in demand. 3-A seasonal pattern is an up-and-down repetitive movement within


Why would someone go to the "trouble" of calculating a least squares regression line? Where in your experience have you seen regressions applied?

Regression Analysis

A coffee plantation is trying to determine...See attached file for full problem description.

Confidence Interval and Regression Analysis..

The following sample observations were randomly selected...See attached file for full problem description. 1. The following sample observations were randomly selected. X: 4 5 3 6 10 Y: 7 6.2 5.8 9.4 12.2 (a) The regression equation, given to two decimal places, is + (b) When is

Multiple regression: Predictions based on equation


One problem on regression analysis and one problem on Hypothesis testing:

1) The store manager is under impression that his sales people do more business if they score higher on the social skills test which was administered this year. 5 victims were selected at random. Below, the results are X =test score, Y = weekly sales in $1000. X (score) Y (sales) 4 4 5 6 3 5 6 7 10

Use a polynomial model to calculate...4 questions

Use a polynomial model for the data to answer the following questions. Round all numerical answers to 3 decimal places, and years to the year. 1. Today, how many square kilometers of the earth's surface are there per person? If this were a square, what would be the length of one side? 2. If the population continues to grow