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Regression Analysis

Quantitative Analysis of Sales Forecasts

Please don't forget to define the X and Y variables; use regression formulation to get stats; compile scatter plot graph including the equation and r(square) option;project sales for next year (quarterly); separate regression for Putnam and Sanford changing the variables that needs to be changed. Hayes Pump, LLC is a multi-li

Operations Management - Multiple Regression forecasting

Baseball Mark Havana has just bought a major league baseball team. He has been receiving a lot of advice concerning what he should do to create a winning baseball club. Mark asks you to study this problem and write him a report. You decide to use regression analysis to determine which statistics are important in developing a

Regression Analysis

Describe the research issue, problem, or opportunity and the accompanying data. Then, perform a regression analysis on your data using any method of computation. Finally, interpret the results of your regression analysis, state the limitations of your analysis, and describe the significance of the results as a whole. Be sure to

Regression model for GPA and ACT

The attached table contains the ACT scores and the GPA scores (grade point average) for 8 students. GPA is based on a 4 point scale and has been rounded to one digit after the decimal. (i) Using Ordinary Least Squares regression, obtain the estimated parameters in the following equation: (ii) Compute the fitted values and

Quantitative Methods Questions

I What do you know about regression analysis? What is regression analysis good for? II TRUE/FALSE Forecasting Components 1-A trend is a gradual, long-term, up or down movement of demand. 2-A cycle is an up-and-down repetitive movement in demand. 3-A seasonal pattern is an up-and-down repetitive movement within


Why would someone go to the "trouble" of calculating a least squares regression line? Where in your experience have you seen regressions applied?

Confidence Interval and Regression Analysis..

The following sample observations were randomly selected...See attached file for full problem description. 1. The following sample observations were randomly selected. X: 4 5 3 6 10 Y: 7 6.2 5.8 9.4 12.2 (a) The regression equation, given to two decimal places, is + (b) When is

Multiple regression: Predictions based on equation


One problem on regression analysis and one problem on Hypothesis testing:

1) The store manager is under impression that his sales people do more business if they score higher on the social skills test which was administered this year. 5 victims were selected at random. Below, the results are X =test score, Y = weekly sales in $1000. X (score) Y (sales) 4 4 5 6 3 5 6 7 10

Polynomial Regression Analysis

Use a polynomial model for the data to answer the following questions. Round all numerical answers to 3 decimal places, and years to the year. 1. Today, how many square kilometers of the earth's surface are there per person? If this were a square, what would be the length of one side? 2. If the population continues to grow

Statistics - Linear Regression Discussion Questions

1. Under what conditions would you use correlation and/or regression analysis? Include comments on the type of data needed and a work-related suggestion for their use. 2. During the years 1790 to 1820, the correlation between the number of churches built in New England and the barrels of Rum imported into the region was a

Regression for Athlete Body Fat

I have selected 5 athletes at different ages, but all of them looked buff, and measured their body fat. The results are listed in the table below. Age Percent body fat 20 4 24 7 27 5 31 11 36 14 Find the regression equation for body fat to show how it varies with the age of the individual.

Patients in the hospital

I have been interested in the number of patients in some hospital per quarter. I have collected data for 15 quarters. My friend ran some quick calculations on the data and told me that 72% of the variation in patients can be explained, but the other 28% is still a mystery. I want to determine the regression equation, but first w

Correlation analysis of Geyser Data

Refer to the data in the table that was provided by a geologist and the National Park Service obtained at Old Faithful geyser at Yellowstone National Park. The duration values are times (in seconds) of an eruption, the interval values are times (in minutes) to the next eruption, and the height values are heights (in feet) of the

Time series analysis of Consumer Price Index

Objective: to interpret statistics based on time series data presented as graphs of a product, whose average prices are given by the month over a sequence of years I. How to Get Your Graphs and Data (1) Locate the following website which records time series data: This is the federal government

Regression Analysis - James McWhinney

PART ONE: Problem Statement: Mr. James McWhinney, president of Daniel-James Financial Services, believe there is a relationship between the number of client contacts and the dollar amount of sales. To document this assertion, Mr. McWhinney gathered the following sample information. The X column indicates the number of client co


Year Number of tourists (1,000,000's) Ridership (100,000's) 1 7 15 2 2 10 3

Develop a Regression Model

Student 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1st grade 98 77 88 80 96 61 66 95 69 final Grade 93 78 84 73 84 64 64 95 76 A. Develop a regression model that could be used to predict the final average in the course based on the first test gra

Regression analysis of economic data.

(See attached file for full problem description) Inflation in Low-Money-Growth and High-Money-Growth Countries, 1988-1991 (from A.B. Abel and B.S. Bernanke, Macroeconomics, 2nd Edition, Addison-Wesley) Money Growth Inflation Rate Cote d'Ivoire -4.1 2 Senegal -0.5 -0.7 Switzerland 0.7 4.

Multiple Regression Analysis Admission Tests

Q.4 Artificial Data on Two Independent and Four Dependent Variables * x1 y1 y2 y3 x2 y4 10 8.04 9.14 7.46 8 6.58 8 6.95 8.14 6.77 8 5.76 13 7.58 8.74 12.74 8 7.71 9 8.81 8.77 7.11 8 8.84 11 8.33 9.26 7.81 8 8.47 14 9.96 8.1 8.84 8 7.04 6 7.24 6.13 6.08 8 5.25 4 4.26 3.1 5.39 19 12.5 12

ACC 240 Pizza Project #1

ACCT 240 Pizza Project #1 This assignment requires the use of spreadsheet software to analyze cost data using regression analysis and scatter plot graphs. The data to be analyzed are printed on the next page. Your assignment is as follows: 1. Produce ten scatter plot graphs with the number of pizzas sold as the predictor

One problem each on Monte Carlo Simulation and Multiple regression

Overbooking is a common practice for airlines. Assume the planes used hold 40 passengers and the airline makes $110 per passenger. When the airline takes 40 reservations an average of 3 passenges do not show up. Use simulation of 100 flights to evaluate whether accepting 43 reservations would be a workable st

Regression and Hypothesis Testing

The National Highway Association is studying the relationship between the number of bidders on a highway project and the winning (lowest) bid for the project. Of particular interest is whether the number of bidders increases or decreases the amount of the winning bid. Project Number of Bidders, X Winning Bid ($millions) Y

Biomechanics ligament and relationship between age & diagnosis

Biomechanics of ligament and relationship between age, diagnosis and histology. The aims were to determine whether there is a link between histology. That is SMA, EVG and MT and the other parameters. And a link between the histological parameters in themselves. Hypothesis: young's modulus and/or yield and/or strain is rel

Quadratic Regression Model

Please see attached file. A quadratic regression model is fit to a set of sample data consisting of 6 pairs of data. Given that the sum of squares of residuals is 18.17 and that the y-values are 11, 14, 19, 22, 26, 27, Find coefficient of determination R^2