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Regression Analysis

10 questions pertaining to modeling, regression, & Excel

There are 10 questions pertaining to modeling, regression, and general stats. I am looking for input where my answers are incorrect or where you feel additional input would help. 1. The regression coefficient is most likely a useful predictor if its value is equal to zero a. True b. False. My guess is True 2. The su

Regression questions. Questions are multiple choice and True/False.

There are four questions that pertain to basic stats and model building. 1. A dummy variable: a. is useless in building models b. is always given a value of 1 c. is not useful in modeling categorical variables d. has only two possible values 0 (zero) or 1. 2. A horizontal regression line has a special signifi

Understanding business drivers and improving business forecasts

A high-end market research firm has contacted your boss and is trying to sell some business to your organization. Upper management does not want to appear incompetent, so they have asked you to research and explain three major ways multivariate statistics are used in a business. Provide at least 1 example of how a real compan


A real estate builder wishes to determine how house size (house) is influenced by family income (income), family size (Size) and education of the head of household (School) . House size is measured in hundreds of square feet, income is measured in thousands of dollars, and education is measured in years. The builder randomly

Variables: Solution set

You decide to predict gasoline prices in different cities and towns in the U.S. for your term project. Your dependent variable is price of gasoline per gallon and your explanatory variables are per capita income, the number of firms that manufacture automobile parts in and around the city, the number of new businesses starts in

Business / Managerial Accounting - Please select ONLY: a,b,c, or d.

................................................................................................... Business / Managerial Accounting - Please select ONLY: a,b,c, or d. ................................................................................................... * What is the purpose of regression analysis? a. To

Regression Analysis

See attached file for full problem description. A. What is the sample size? B. Compute the value of R2. C. Compute the multiple standard error of estimate. D. Conduct a global test of hypothesis to determine whether any of the regression coefficients are significant. Use the .05 significance level. E. Test the regressio

Simple regression analysis

2a. Perform a simple regression analysis to forecast the number of apartment units leased, based only on average lease price. What is your forecast if the lease price is to be $455? Semester Average lease price x Number of Units leased y X^2 xy Y^2 1 450 291 202500 130950 84681 2 460 228 211600 104880 51984 3 450 252 20

Using statistics to make inferences on behaviour

16. Does a heavier bowler knock down more pins? Jim Samuels, manager of Maple Lanes, asked 15 men's league players to report their body weight (lb.) and their league average, rounded to the nearest pin. Results are shown in the table attached. Make sure you include your chart and calculations from excel as a part of your a

Stats questions:ANOVA, Regression Analysis and Hypothesis testing

4. Generations of athletes have been cautioned that cigarette smoking retards performance. One measure of the truth of that warning is the effect of smoking on heart rate. To examine this impact, six of each of non-smokers, light smokers, moderate smokers, and heavy smokers undertook sustained physical exercise. Their heart

Advertising Expenditures and Coffee Time's Price Index

Laura wanted to build a multiple regression model based on advertising expenditures and Coffee Time's price index. Based on the selection of all normal values, she obtained the following: Multiple R = 0.738 R-Square = 0.546 By using lagged values, she came up with the following: Multiple R = 0.755 R-Square = 0.570

Mike Wilde is president of the teachers' union for Otsego School District...

(See attached file for full problem description) 14.16 Mike Wilde is president of the teachers' union for Otsego School District. In preparing for upcoming negotiations, he would like to investigate the salary structure of classroom teachers in the district. He believes there are three factors that affect a teacher's salary:

Regression testing - need made up numbers

I need to use this information to create numbers (imaginary numbers) and perform regression testing. Surveys carried out by a manager for assessing overall ratings of employees, in the form of marks out of 100 for each attribute. Attributes (the variables) might include handling of employee complaints assessing employee pay r

Statistic - Regression

A regression equation regarding repair cost of car. The repair cost is the dependent variable and the age of the car is the independent variable. The situation is that as the age of the car increases, the repair cost increases also. The regression equation is Y'= $80 + 20X 1. What is "20" means in the equation? 2. What

Mr. William Profit is studying companies going public for the first time. He is particularly interested in the relationship between the size of the offering and the price per share. A sample of 15 companies that recently went public revealed the following information.

Mr. William Profit is studying companies going public for the first time. He is particularly interested in the relationship between the size of the offering and the price per share. A sample of 15 companies that recently went public revealed the following information. Company Size ($ millions), X Price per Share, Y Company Si

Correlation/Regression Analysis

Sales Number of Units Chain ($billions) (1,000) ------------------------------------------------- McD's 17.1 12.4 Burger King 7.9 7.5 Taco Bell 4.8 6.8 Pizza Hut 4.7 8.7 Wendy's

Computed Regression

Briefly state the evaluation criteria for using a computed regression equation; specifically, comment on the coefficient of determination, correlation coefficient, and standard error of the estimate.


The Buyer's Guide section of the Web site for Car and Driver magazine provides reviews and road tests for cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans. The average ratings of overall quality, vehicle styling, braking, handling, fuel economy, interior comfort, acceleration, dependability, fit and finish, transmission, and ride are summarized for

Solve: For an Estimated Regression Equation

The following regression equation was computed from a sample of 20 observations: Y' = 15 - 5X SSE was found to be 100 and SS total 400. a) Determine the standard error of estimate. b) Determine the coefficient of determination. c) Determine the coefficient of correlation.

Complete Multiple Regression Analysis

(See attached file for full problem description with proper symbols) Review question 5 Soil and sediment adsorption, the extent to which chemicals collect in a condensed form on the surface, is an important characteristic influencing the effectiveness of pesticides and various agricultural chemicals. The following table co

Estimating the regression equation for Daniel-James Financial

1. Mr, James McWhinney, president of Daniel-James Financial services, believes there is a relationship between the number of client contacts and the dollar amount of sales. To document this assertion, Mr. McWhinney gathered the following sample information. The X column indicates the number of client contacts last month, and t