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Regression Analysis

Regression analysis and hypothesis testing problems

Three supplies provide the following data on defective parts. Part Quality Supplier / Good / Minor Defect / Major Defect A / 90 / 3 / 7 B / 170 / 18 / 7 C / 135 / 6 / 9 Use a = .05 and test for the independence between supplier and part quality. What does the result of your analysis tell the purchasing departm

A Discussion On Forecasting: Time Series

The table attached presents 4 years of quarterly sales for Mary's Mongoose Menagerie. Marty wants to know what quarterly sales will be in 2002. Project quarterly sales for 2002 using trend analysis. Now, project quarterly sales for 2002. Revise quarterly sales number for season of the year.

Regression Analysis

Please review my project that I need to present to class I see that I would Reject Ho on all variables. I would like to state something significant about my work, professor gave 30 data lines no more than 4 variables as a project but did not discuss the Regression portion that much. I would like further detail to put in my attac

Quadratic Polynomial Model

Question 4 Once again I have been asked to use SPSS but if you cannot help then we if you can provide the solutions and I will compare to the SPSS output that I obtain A newly born baby was weighed weekly, the figure adopted in each case being the average of the weights on three successive days. Twenty such weights are shown


A. Fit a logistic regression model to predict the probability of successful completion of the MBA program based on undergraduate grade point average and GMAT score. b. Explain the meaning of the regression coefficients for the model fit in (a). c. Predict the probability of successful completion of the program for a student

Home Schooled Pupils

Based on this article and your knowledge of college-admissions tests, what variables would you include in a multiple regression model to predict ACT scores? Be certain to include dummy variables (categorical variables). After deciding on the variables to include in the model, explain how stepwise regression, R2adjusted and C

Regression Analysis: Penrose Consulting Company

The Penrose Consulting Company performs studies for universities that want to raise money through their alumni associations. As part of its work, it recently sampled 18 universities across the United States and determined the number of alumni contacts and the total dollars in gifts received from those alumni during the previous

Interpretation of Data using SPSS (--provide detailed response)

I'm in the number crunching phase of some research. I had an advanced stats class two years ago, hence, the haziness on the interpretation end. I compiled the data from the Metropolitan Chicago Information Center (MCIC) and developed two hypotheses relative to data about residents' perception of crime in their neighborhoods for

Regression and hypothesis testing

Fred is the manager of human resources at St. Luke Hospital. As part of his yearly report to the president of the medical center, he is required to present an analysis of the salaried employees. Because there are over 1,000 employees, he does not have the staff to gather information on each employee, so he selects a random sam

Calculating Regression using Excel for a Mortgage Department

A mortgage department of a large bank is studying its recent loans. Of particular interest is how such factors as the value of home (in thousands of dollars), education level of the head of household, current monthly mortgage payment (in dollars), and sex of the head of the household (male = 1, female = 2) relate to the family

Regression and hypothesis testing - Median Income for Familes

Fran's Mart are located throughout Erie, Pennsylvania, the owner would like to expand into other communities in northwestern Penn. and southwestern New York. As part of her presentation to the local bank, she would like to better understand the factors that make a particular outlet profitable. She must do all the work herself,

Important information about correlation and regression

Archaeopteryx is an extinct beast having feathers like a bird but teeth and a long bony tail like a reptile. Five fossil specimens have preserved both the femur and humerus bones. The measurements (in centimeters) for each bone are given below. Femur 38 56 59 64 74 Humerus 41 63 70 72 84 Scientists are interested in de

Multiple Regression

Is an interaction term in multiple regression is combining two variables. How would you use an interaction term in multiple regression?

Using a regression equation to calculate the correlation coefficient.

The owner of an office building studies heating cost versus daily high temperatures. He records the following data: Temperature (deg C) @ Cost ($100) ------------------------------- 1 @ 9 4 @ 5 6 @ 3 10 @ 2 He proposes a regression equation to predict the cost of heating the building. Wh