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Regression Analysis

Calculating Regression using Excel for a Mortgage Department

A mortgage department of a large bank is studying its recent loans. Of particular interest is how such factors as the value of home (in thousands of dollars), education level of the head of household, current monthly mortgage payment (in dollars), and sex of the head of the household (male = 1, female = 2) relate to the family

Regression and hypothesis testing - Median Income for Familes

Fran's Mart are located throughout Erie, Pennsylvania, the owner would like to expand into other communities in northwestern Penn. and southwestern New York. As part of her presentation to the local bank, she would like to better understand the factors that make a particular outlet profitable. She must do all the work herself,

Important information about correlation and regression

Archaeopteryx is an extinct beast having feathers like a bird but teeth and a long bony tail like a reptile. Five fossil specimens have preserved both the femur and humerus bones. The measurements (in centimeters) for each bone are given below. Femur 38 56 59 64 74 Humerus 41 63 70 72 84 Scientists are interested in de

Calculating standard error and least square regression.

A doctor wanted to determine whether there is a relation between a male's age and his HDL (so called good) cholesterol. He randomly selected 17 of his patients and determined their cholesterol. a. Determine the least-squares regression equation from the sample data. b. Compute the standard error of y' c. Compute t

Multiple Regression

Is an interaction term in multiple regression is combining two variables. How would you use an interaction term in multiple regression?

Using a regression equation to calculate the correlation coefficient.

The owner of an office building studies heating cost versus daily high temperatures. He records the following data: Temperature (deg C) @ Cost ($100) ------------------------------- 1 @ 9 4 @ 5 6 @ 3 10 @ 2 He proposes a regression equation to predict the cost of heating the building. Wh