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    Examining Regression Analysis

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    I need to identify a business research issue, problem, or opportunity that can be examined using regression analysis.

    1- Prepare a paper examining a regression analysis on your collected data. Begin by describing the research issue, problem, or opportunity and the accompanying data. Then, perform a regression analysis on your data.

    2- Present the data used in the analysis, as a single table in the body of the paper or as an appendix.

    3- Present the Excel regression analysis table as an appendix.
    Discuss the correlation coefficient, the coefficient of determination, and the regression equation.

    4- Show the scatter plot of the data, with regression line superimposed.

    5- Must show the hypothesis test of the significance of the correlation coefficient.

    6- State the limitations of your analysis, and describe the significance of the results to the organization as a whole.

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    A CEO of a large pharmaceutical company would like to determine if he should be placing more money allotted in the budget next year for television advertising of a new drug marketed for controlling asthma. He wonders whether there is a strong relationship between the amount of money spent on television advertising for this new drug called XBC and the number of orders received. The manufacturing process of this drug is very difficult and requires stability so the CEO would prefer to generate a stable number of orders. The cost of advertising is always an important consideration in the phase I roll-out of a new drug. Data that have been collected over the past 20 months indicate the amount of money spent of television advertising and the number of orders received. The results are as follows:
    Month Advertising Cost (thousands of dollars) Number of ...

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