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Regression Analysis for Alzheimer's Disease Data

Problem 15 in Chapter 16 described a study examining the effectiveness of a 7-Minute Screen test for Alzheimer's disease. The study evaluated the relationship between scores from the 7-Minute Screen and scores for the same patients form a set of cognitive exams that are typically used to test for Alzheimer's disease. For a sample of n = 9 patients, the scores for the 7-Minute Screen averaged M = 7 with SS = 92. The cognitive test scores average M = 17 with SS = 236. For these data, SP = 127.

a. Find the regression equation for predicting the cognitive scores from the 7-Minute Screen scores

b. What percentage of variance in the cognitive scores is accounted for by the regression equation?

c. Does the regression equation account for a significant portion of the variance in the cognitive scores? Use alpha = .05 to evaluate the F-ratio.

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This solution shows the step by step method for a regression analysis of Alzheimer's disease data. Regression equation, t -test, ANOVA test are also included in the answer. This solution is provided in an attached Word document.