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Genetic Diseases of Alzheimer's or Ovarian Cancer

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I just need some help in putting this paper in terms that are used for genetic diseases like Alzheimer's or ovarian cancer. My mom and brother both died of cancer, also I had two friends die of Alzhiemers. I do not know what causes either disease or what could have been done to prevent it from happening. Since two of my family members had this horrible disease does that mean I will most likely get this disease?
Just need some input from the officials that know about genetic diseases.

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The genetic diseases of Alzheimer's or Ovarian Cancer is determined.

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Most cases of Alzheimer's disease are not genetically inherited. There is an early form of Alzheimer's disease where the autosomal dominant. Many times, early onset Alzheimer disease is due to mutations in the amyloid precusor protiein APP and other proteins. There normally is not many genetic markers for Alzheimer's disease because it is thought to be spontaneously derived. However apoliprotein is found to be associated with Alzheimers disease and is the best studied genetic marker for the disease. You could talk about ...

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