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    Research Critique

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    I need help to write an abstract that includes the following:

    Reference; Kind of research;purpose;design;participants;procedure;variables;level of measurement(data);instrumentation;sample;sampling techniques;statistical test;results or findings;conclusion and critique.

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    I used one of the articles that is a great one for Research Critique.

    Hayslip, B., Han, G. & Anderson, C. (2008). Predictors of Alzheimer's disease caregiver depression and burden: what noncaregiving adults can learn from active caregivers. Educational Gerontology, 34, 945-69.
    More that 34 million American are age 65 and with the Baby Boomer syndrome overlaying all of the other issues of aging, the sandwich generation is getting thinner. This study compared adults who were in the active stages of caring for an Alzheimer's disease (AD) patients and compared those with an elder family member but not yet suffering from Alzheimer's. Eighty participants were recruited for the study. The unique part of the study was the depression scale used showed that the caregivers who were actively caring for AD patients had higher depression overall but so did the potential caregivers of potential Alzheimer's disease patient's. This led them to concur that early proactive intervention for potential AD caregivers was crucial.
    Kind of Research: This is a predictive study using a series of tests to examine the depression and social structure of AD caregivers and not-as-yet ...

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