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Regression Analysis

Regression analysis - describing relationships algebraically

Data from 60 cities has been collected to investigate how human mortality relates to different socioeconomic factors. The variables are: Mortality (age adjusted mortality) Education (median education) PopDensity (Population density) %Non-white (Percentage of non-whites) %WC (Percentage of white collar workers) Populatio

Important information about Bivariate Data

Please label your answers in bold and away from any calculations. Bivariate data obtained for the paired variables and are shown below, in the table labelled "Sample data." These data are plotted in the scatter plot in Figure 1, which also displays the least-squares regression line for the data. The equation for this line is


The least-squares regression line for these data has a slope of approximately 0.18. Answer the following. Carry your intermediate computations to at least four decimal places, and round your answers as specified below. (see attachment for full questions)

Time series data

Horace Mann, principal of Jones Public School, has decided to construct a time series model to obtain a 2- and a 3-period moving average to forecast student enrollments for next term. Which statement is true concerning the accuracy of each forecast that Horace will obtain? (which one) a. The 2-period forecast will be more accura

Seasonal Forescasting in Excel....

For this assignment, our teacher gave us data for 144 periods and asks us... "use the best forecasting technique for forecast 12 periods into the future. State all relevant assumptions, and briefly describe the technique(s) you used." Now, I'm assuming this would be a seasonal forecast, but I'm not sure what technique to

Demand forecast in Excel....seasonality

Generico has been manufacturing videotapes since 1982. The 3-hour VHS format is by far the largest component of their product mix. Historical demand for these items since 1992 is listed below <data attached>. Don Wirtz, general managing partner of Generico is concerned about the state of the current market for VHS format ta

Coefficient of regression

A survey shows the following relationship between advertisement and sales # of Ads Sales(000) 11 4 12 2 13 6 14 10 15 8 a) Compute the coefficient of regression for this survey b) What is the value of point of intercept?

Develop a simple linear regression analysis between Finley Heaters' sales and national housing starts. What percentage of variation in Finley Heaters' sales is explained by national housing starts? Would you recommend that Finley Heaters management use the forecast from Part a to plan facility expansion?

6. Finley Heaters Inc. is a mid-sized manufacturer of residential water heaters. Sales have grown during the last several years, and the company's production capacity needs to be increased. The company's management wonders if 'national housing starts' might be a good indicator of the company's sales: "

Time Series: seasonality, trend-seasonal model, seasonal indexes

Question 1 (30 pts.): The Excel file attendance.xls contains the daily attendance data at a theme park for a period of four weeks in summer. The park manager wants to use these data to make forecasts for the following summer week. a) Make a time-series plot of the data. Is there a trend? Is there seasonality in the data? Wha


A). Create a scatter plot (using excel) of the data. b). Find the equation of the linear regression line. c). Plot the regression line on the same plot as the data. d). How well do you think the line fits the data? e). Use the regression equation to predict the number of officers hired for each city. f). Calculate

Linear regression

A linear regression between Y and X produced the following equation for the least squares line: = -4.13 + 2.1x Which of the following statements concerning this relationship is true? a.For every one-unit increase in X, Y increases 4.13 units. b.For every one-unit increase in X, Y decreases 2.1 units. c.For ever

Linear Regression Multiple Choice Questions

Which one of the following statements concerning the regression line is true? a. There is a positive linear relationship between the two variables. b. The slope is greater that 1. c. The intercept is at or near 30. d. Vehicles with larger wheelbases have the worst fuel economy. The slope of the regression line, b1, is at

Time Series and Forecasting

A). Predict the average price of bread for the next 3 months (time = 205,206,207). b). Test the significance of the slope for this model. c). Is the graph consistent with the results of your hypothesis test? Explain why or why not.


When we carry out a regression, we assume a direct causal relationship. In a correlation analysis, we don't make such an assumption, but nevertheless determine whether 2 variables are related. Briefly explain how two variables can be correlated without one directly influencing the other (=without causal relationship)


1) Given the following data and Excel output, what is the English meaning of the numbers? Years of Education Annual Income (000's) 6 10 7 13 8 15 7 14 9 16 12 21 11 22 14 20 16 19 20 45 13 35 15 36 Regression Statistics Multiple R 0.837129 R Square 0.700785 Adjusted R Square 0

Plot/Regression line

A. Create a scatter plot of the data. Do you think that there is a relationship between the number of stations that a company owns and the revenues generated by radio? b. Find the linear regression line for the data. c. Use the regression line to predict the radio revenues for Chancellor and Westinghouse/Infinity. Whi

Important information about Scatter Plot, Regression

1). In a study about postage tariffs and revenue, the European Economic Community wanted to look at the relationship between the number of postal employees in a country and the amount of domestic mail that was processed. They collected data for six different countries and found Country Number of Staff Domestic Traffic

Regression Analysis

How much does advertising impact market penetration? To assess the impact of advertising in the tobacco industry, a study looked at the amount of money spend on advertising a particular brand of cigarettes and brand preference among adolescents and adults. The data are shown below:(PLEASE SEE TABLE ATTACHED) a). Look at the

Regression Analysis

In trying to look at the effects of shopping center expansion, the Commerce Department decided to look at the relationship between the number of shopping centers and the retail sales for different states in the same region. It collected the data for the North Central states in the U.S. and found the following:(PLEASE SEE ATTACH

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Amrit, I really appreciated your detail explanation, is it possible to represent how the detail explanation would be displayed in a graph in your response, Why does one develop a line of regression? What kind of outcomes from the line of regression make sense or does it have to be on the line to be valid? But what does it mean

Regression Models and Dependent Variables

One of the assumptions for regression models is that the dependent variable must be at least interval scale data. Can you please explain why. And A local company wanted to predict the weekly sales based on the weekly newspaper advertising dollars. The model that result is: &#375;= -0.1 + 0.7x, where the dependent variable is

Multiple Regression

Q4data.xls could not uploaded but I copied the data into a Word doc data.doc for you. Question 4 : The file Q4Data.xlscontains sales data (in thousands of $) for a medical supplies company that sells its products in three regions South (coded 1), West (coded 2) and Midwest (coded 3). Each region is divided into a number of sa


If you had to choose a business topic that would affect the biologics industry and write a regression paper, what exactly is the definition of regression in statistics and what would you think would be a good topic to look at if you worked for a pharmaceutical/biologics company who creates vaccines and medicines.

Statistics - Regression and Correlation

Two problems, one may require the working of two problems for correlation. Data and all questions included (if needed). The only questions required are 15.7 and 15.22. 15.7 As Communications and the media change and become more important in the economy, the radio industry has become an area of concern. One of the major

Multiple regression: a. Complete the missing entries in this output. b. Compute F and test using level of significance = .05 to see whether a significant relationship is present. c. Did the estimated regression equation provide a good fit to the data on employees Explain. d Use the t test and level of signficance =.05 to test H0: b1 = 0.

Recall that in Exercise 45 the personnel director for Electronics Associates developed the following estimated regression equation relating an employee's score on a job satisfaction test to length of service and wage rate. Y = 14.4 minus 8.69 x1 minus 13.5 x2 Where X1 = length of service in years X2 = wage rate i

Set up the hypotheses to see if there is a difference in the number of purchases made on-line by women for the three age groups. Perform the Kruskal- Wallis test at the 0.05 level of significance. What can you conclude? Find the equation of the regression line for the data.

18.6 A business that is interested in starting an on-line shopping service is interested in finding out whether or not there are differences in how women shop on-line. They are interested in capturing people who are already connected to the Internet, so they run a Web. based survey. They ask respondents how many purchases they h