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Regression Analysis

Forecasting with linear trend

The number of new contributors to a public radio station's annual fund drive over the last ten years is 63, 58, 61, 72, 98, 103, 121, 147, 163, 198 Develop a trend equation for this information, and use it to predict next year's number of new contributors. ANS: FORECASTING WITH LINEAR TREND: *******************

Portfolio risk and return.

1. Suppose a portfolio had been formed with 40% portfolio value in stock DO and 60% in stock GDT. Compute the mean and standard deviation of the individual stock returns, and S&P 500 index returns over the sample period. Is the portfolio's return riskier than the individual stock returns, than the index returns? 2. Calculate th

A,B,C Inc. produces fresh, a brand of liquid laundry detergent.

A,B,C Inc. produces fresh, a brand of liquid laundry detergent. In order to more effectively manage its inventory and make revenue projections, the company would like to like to better predict demand for Fresh. The company has established the flowing demand equation: Demand = Bo + B1FreshPrice + B2ComPrice +

Regression, ANOVA, Hypothesis

Need explanation. File attached. Problem 1 A,B,C Inc. produces fresh, a brand of liquid laundry detergent. In order to more effectively manage its inventory and make revenue projections, the company would like to like to better predict demand for Fresh. The company has established the flowing demand equation:

Multiple Linear Regression Model - Babies R' Us Case Study

Please see two attached files: case study is the word doc; and the data is in excel. ----------------------------- Babies R'Us Case Study You have been hired as a strategic consultant by the hugely successful retailer "Babies R'Us". The company sells many products, although one product in particular, a highly innovativ

Determining the Least Squares Equation: Example Problem

3. Listed below are the net sales for Schering-Plough Corporation (a pharmaceutical company) and its subsidiaries for the six years from 1997 to 2002. The net sales are in millions of dollars. 1997 $6714 1998 $7991 1999 $9075 2000 $9775 2001 $9762 2002 $10,180 Determi

Chi square test and regression analysis problems

Hello, Attached are 5 statistics problems that I need help. I would like detailed step-by-step guidance to help me better understand the problems. Thanks in advance. 1. To examine the continuity and discontinuity in the criminal careers of 7,453 females of low socio-economic status, Tracy and Kempf-Leonard (1996) ex

Analysis of the Number of Touchdowns

Can you predict the number of touchdowns from the following variables: attempts, yards, and yards per game? Develop a correlation matrix for the 3 predictor variables, do you suspect multicolinarity? What is your multiple regression equation, is it significant? Predict the number of touchdowns for a back with 200 at

Regression & Seasonal Index

Determining a Seasonal Index Listed below is the net sales in $ million for Home Depot, Inc. and its subsidiaries from 1993 to 2002. Year Net Sales 1993 9,239 1994 12,477 1995 15,470 1996 19,535 1997 24,156 1998 30,219 1999 38,434 2000 45,738 2001 53,553 2002 58,247 Determine the least squares equation. On the

Completing Correlation Analysis in Excel

I am having trouble really understanding how to complete the correlation analysis. Can someone show me how step by step? I am to figure out how to perform a correlation analysis on the following, with regards to John's fishing trips. John is an avid fisherman and wants to know if there is a correlation between the amount

Regression Analysis Benefits

1. First run a regression analysis using the BENEFITS column of all data points in the AIU data set as the independent variable and the INTRINSIC job satisfaction column of all data points in the AIU data set as the dependent variable. Create a graph with the trendline displayed. What is the least squares regression line equatio

Decisions Based on Linear Relationships

See the attached file. Molly Prickett has just purchased a relatively small manufacturing company. The Company employs approximately 125 hourly workers, all performing essentially the same assembly-line operation. These non-unionized workers are concerned because they believe their wages for the past 21 years did not keep up wi

Hypothesis Testing Multiple Choice Problem Set

I am having some trouble with a few problems. Any help is appreciated A grocery store owner is interested in determining if the average weight of a package of ground beef sold in the store weighs one pound. An appropriate null hypothesis for this study is a. H0: m = 1 lb b. H0: m ¹ 1 lb c. H0: m > 1 lb d. H0:

Limitations on Regression Analysis

Discuss any limitations (inaccurate data; incomplete information; not enough samples for testing)can have an regression analysis. I need some pointers please.

The Cp statistic is used

The Cp statistic is used a. to determine if there is a problem of collinearity b. if the variances of the error terms are all the same in a regression model c. to choose the best model d. to determine if there is an irregular component in a time series

Regression Analysis for he Fresh Detergent Case in Megastat

Hello, I have been asked to do this question in MEGASTAT, which is an add-on to Excel. The problem here is I don't know how to use MEGASTAT that well. I am hoping someone could complete this textbook question using Megastat, and show how they got the answer and graphs. Thank you. The Fresh Detergent Case The follo

Paper on Regression Analysis

Project Paper Business Statistics Bryant/Smith manual Case 28: We want to find an equation that gives the selling price of a house. Things you'll want to do are: 1. Use regression analysis to derive a model of selling prices of houses in Eastville. Interpret your final model and its coefficients within the context of t

How is correlation analysis used in a business decision?

(1) How is correlation analysis used in a business decision? (2) What is the standard error of estimate? Describe with an example. (3) What are the coefficients of the linear regression model and what do they mean? What are the various statistics reported in a regression output? (4) How do outlying observations affect reg

Regression analysis

Need full explanation - Please see attachment. Information is on Tab 1 and data on Tab 2. Please use SPSS. You are a statistical analyst for a computer manufacturing company CompXXX. The COO of CompXXX has requested that you review production and delivery data for two popular CompXXX computer models, UltraModel and Mobil

Regression Analysis of Test Scores and Stress

See attached. 7. It is recommended that you use the computer EXCEL sheet attached to help you answer the following questions: Write the answers in the provided space. An answer saying "see attached page" is not an option. There are almost no calculations. Most of the answers are on the EXCEL spreadsheet. X Y Stress Te

Regression Equation, Standard of Error Estimate, and a Typical Seasonal Index

14. Mr. James McWhinney, president of Daniel-James Financial Services, believes there is a relationship between the number of client contacts and the dollar amount of sales. To document this assertion, Mr. McWhinney gathered the following sample information. The X column indicates the number of client contacts last month, and

Correlation Analysis between Student Success and Family Income

A sociologist claims that the success of students in college (measured by their GPA) is related to their family's income. For a sample of 20 students, the coefficient of correlation is 0.40. Using the 0.01 significance level, can we conclude that there is a positive correlation between the variables?