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It Ain't Easy Being a Cookie Monster

A group of young cookie monsters sit down to eat. They devour several cookies each, but unfortunately many of them experience stomach pains; it turns out that there were hidden vegetable chips inside of the cookies. Cookie monsters hate vegetables. The ratings of cookies eaten and stomach pain ratings (higher is more pain) are shown below:

(See attached file.)

For EACH of the boy and girl groups (so 2 separate sets of analyses):

a) Show whether the score distribution is normal using descriptive statistics and histograms.
b) Make a scatterplot of the data.
c) Calculate the regression equation of pain predicted from cookies eaten for these data.
d) Interpret the slope and the intercept - what do they mean?
e) Are the correlation coefficient and the slope significantly different from zero?
f) If you were to eat 9 cookies, how much pain would you feel?
g) Who would feel more cookie-related pain after 9 cookies, a boy or a girl?
h) What is the largest residual for each scatterplot?
i) Which of the two slopes (boy or girl) is greater? Is the difference in slopes significant? What would it mean if it were?


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Two sets of analysis, including correlation, scatterplots and regression, for 'cookie monster' data. Attached in Excel.