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Time series analysis for Sales of roof material

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Question (Lind: Chapter 19, exercise 28)

Sales of roof material, by quarter, since 1997 for Carolina Home Construction, Inc. are
shown below (in $000).

1997 210 180 60 246
1998 214 216 82 230
1999 246 228 91 280
2000 258 250 113 298
2001 279 267 116 304
2002 302 290 114 310
2003 321 291 120 320

a. Determine the typical seasonal patterns for sales using the ratio-to-moving-average method.
b. Deseasonalize the data and determine the trend equation.
c. Project the sales for 2004, and then seasonally adjust each quarter.

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The solutions gives the details of seasonal decomposition of Sales of roof material.

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