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Correlation analysis for anxiety test

Four research participants take a test of manual dexterity (high scores mean better dexterity) and an anxiety test (high scores mean more anxiety). The scores are as follows.

Person Dexterity Anxiety

1 1 10
2 1 8
3 2 4
4 4 _2

c) figure the correlation coefficient;

d) figure whether the correlation is statistically significant(use the .05 significance level, two-tailed);
t needed (df = 2 p .05) =
r =
t =

Decision: reject the null hypothesis or do not reject the null hypothesis

t needed = cut-off score that establishes the region of rejection (also known as the critical value) both groups
r = score that represents the correlation coefficient
t = score that determines the significance of the correlation coefficient score

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Step by step method for correlation analysis is discussed here.Scatter diagram and significance of correlation are explained in the solution.