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    Regression Analysis of Test Scores and Stress

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    7. It is recommended that you use the computer EXCEL sheet attached to help you answer the following questions: Write the answers in the provided space. An answer saying "see attached page" is not an option. There are almost no calculations. Most of the answers are on the EXCEL spreadsheet.
    X Y
    Stress Test
    Score Score
    6.5 81
    4.0 96
    2.5 93
    7.2 70
    8.1 63
    3.4 84
    5.5 73
    sum 37.2 560
    Given the above data for a regression analysis answer the following questions.

    A. What is the independent and what is the dependent variable?

    B. Develop the simple linear regression equation.

    C. Find (Calculate) the Correlation Coefficient.

    D. What percent of the total variation is explained by the regression equation?

    E. What is the value of Y6 ? i.e. what is the expected test score with a stress level of 6.0?

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