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Regression Analysis and Testing Hypotheses

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I have a group project due. My portion is only 300 words but I am hoping you can help me. I would like a short summary of the processes involved in figuring the following:
1. The regression analysis of the attached data- excel sheet, (r squared,r and the goodness of fit test)
2. Description of the hypothesis test related to the attached data. We have identified a problem (see problem below). I am hoping I could have you look at the data and the problem and create 500-600 words about numbers 1 and 2 above (total of 1000 to 1200 for both). I can then take your explanation and create my own 300 words to complete my portion of the paper. I have also attached the colleges description of our group paper.

We originally did a regression analysis of reading and math scores. The math test is full of "word" problems and we believe there will be a positive correlation. Then we did the hypothesis test on the growth scores. We believe that the students in the last class of the day grow less than the mean growth for all students because that class is interrupted and cut short often...on top of it being the end of the day when they are tired of working.
We were not able to get the reading scores, so we compared the math scale score to the student's growth. We thought that the higher scores would lead to less growth but the opposite is true. On the excel sheet we did not leave enough room for all the columns we needed for the different tests, but we highlighted the calculations in the middle, above the graph.

1. Identify an issue, problem, or opportunity facing a team member's organization that may be examined using hypothesis testing and a regression analysis. (completed)
2. Prepare a 1,050- to 1,750-word paper, describing a hypothesis test using a different statistic that may be performed on the data.
3. Formulate a new hypothesis statement and perform the five-step hypothesis test on the data.(completed)
4. Describe the results.
5. Interpret results of the regression analysis, state limitations of the analysis, and describe the significance of the results to the organization.
6. Attach the results to your paper.
7. Format your paper according to APA standards.

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Regression analysis and testing hypothesis is examined. A new hypothesis statement and the expert performs a five-step hypothesis test on the data.

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