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Regression Analysis: Plasma televisions by brand

See attached data file.

Consumer Reports provided extensive testing and ratings for more than 100 HDTVs. An overall score, based primarily on picture quality, was developed for each model, In general, a higher overall score indicates better performance. The following data show the price and overall score for the ten 42 inch plasma televisions. (Consumer Reports, March 2006).

1. write the regression equation,
2. interpret the regression constant and regression coefficient,
3. forecast a value for the dependent variable,
4. test the significant of the regression coefficient with alpha equaling .05, show your hypotheses
5. test the overall significant of the regression model, show your hypotheses
6. interpret the coefficient of determination, and be specific as it gives the percent of variation in the value that can be explained by variation in price.
7. are there any violations of the general linear model? explain. you need the residual plot and the normal probability plot. You should comment on each one individually as to why or why they don't violate each assumption.


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