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    Statistical definitions and examples.

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    1. Define Regression Analysis and its real world applications.
    2. Define ANOVA and its real-world applications.
    3. ID/define the Greek Symbols:
    μ (mu) =
    Σ (Upper Case Sigma =
    σ (Lower Case Sigma) =
    X2 (Chi Square) =
    α (lower case alpha) =
    4. Explain when its appropriate to use Parametric and Non-Parametric testing procedures:
    5. Define the terms Independent and Dependent Variables:
    6. Provide some examples on how to catch/prevent research fraud:
    7. Provide the Null and Alternative Hypotheses testing statements for the following statement: There are only 24 hours in a day.
    8. What statistical tool would you now utilize to improve your business?
    9. Explain the Chi-Square Non-Parametric Testing Concept.

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    Define Regression Analysis and its real world applications.

    Regression analysis defines if a variable is considered a factor in another fact's use. A real world application could be does the amount of education change the rate of crime in an area? Others could be, do animals help people live longer. Is anti depressant use a factor in the death of teens who commit suicide? Each of these is an independent variable in a dependent variable picture. A regression analysis also includes a scatterplot that can show how closely the dependent and independent variables are to each other. The variables can be related in either the positive or negative. On a number line is the easiest way to show this.

    -1 0 +1

    The closer the regression point to -1 or +1 the more closely related. 0 is the indicator of no relationship at all. Regression points cannot be ...

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    Statistical definitions and examples are given. The definition of the Greek symbols, chi square, regression, and non parametric are among those items discussed. There is also a discussion on variables and ANOVA.