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    Statistical symbols and definitions

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    I need your HELP with the matching of STATISTICAL SYMBOLS & DEFINITIONS


    1.The average of the squared deviation scores from a distribution menas.
    2. Midpoint in the distribution of numbers.
    3. It has to do with the accuracy and precision of a measurement procedure.
    4.Examines if an observed causal relationship generalizes across persons, settings, and times.
    5.The difference between the largest and smallest score in a distribution.
    6.The arithmetic average.
    7.Refers to the extent to which a test measures what we actually wish to measure.
    8.The most frequently occurring value in a set of numbers.
    9.The conclusion from research conducted on a sample population to the population as a whole.
    10. Examines whether the conclusion that we draw about a demonstrated experimental relationship truly implies cause.
    11. Determines how far away the data values are from the average.


    a. Reliability
    b. Mode
    c. Generalization
    d. Variance
    e. Median
    f. External valicity
    g. Mean
    h. Internal valicity
    i. Range
    j. Standard deviation
    k. Validity


    a. Null hypothesis
    b. Summation
    c. Factorial
    d. Nonparametric hypothesis test
    e. Population standard deviation
    f. Alternate hypothesis
    g. Maximum allowable error
    h. Population mean
    i. Probability of success in a binomial trial


    1. { (Uppercase Signal)
    2. (Mu)
    3. (Lowercase Signal)
    4. (Pi)
    5. (Epsilon)
    6. (Chi Square)
    7. !
    8. H0 (it's a small o)
    9. H1 (it's a small 1)

    THANK YOU so MUCH for your HELP it is GREATLY appreciated.

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