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5 Step Hypothesis Test

Develop one business research question from which you will formulate a research hypothesis that will test 2 or more populations

Prepare a paper describing the results of a hypothesis test of two populations or more than two populations

Include the following in your paper:

A-Formulate both a numerical and verbal hypothesis statement regarding your research issue.
B- Perform the five step hypothesis test on data pertaining to your selection (The testing being done is Price vs. Square Footage).
C-Descibe the results of your test, explain how the findings from this hypothesis testing can be used to answer your research question.
D-Include your raw data tables and the results of your computations in your paper, using graphical and tabular methods of displaying data and results.
E- Include an Introduction and Conclusion.

[Please refer to the attached file for data].


Solution Summary

The solution provides step-by-step method of performing a Regression Analysis and a 5 Step Correlation Hypothesis Test in EXCEL. All the steps of hypothesis testing (formulation of null and alternate hypotheses, selection of significance level, choosing the appropriate test-statistic, decision rule, calculation of test-statistic and conclusion) have been explained and the Regression Analysis has been shown in details.