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Regression Analysis and Chi-Square Test - Setting hypothesis

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State the goal of two statistical methods to formulate hypotheses.

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This post discusses the goal of statistical methods to formulate hypotheses. To understand two statistical methods - Regression Analysis and Chi-Square Test are discussed. The answer is in discussion format (approximately 419 words) and discusses the goals for these techniques and how these goals are related to the null and alternate hypothesis, we set for these methods.

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The two statistical Methods discussed are:
1. Regression Analysis
2. Chi-Square Test

In regression analysis, we develop an estimating equation - that is a mathematical formula that relates the known variables to the unknown variable. The simple regression analysis is done to test the linear relationship between the dependent variables and independent variables. Thus, if X is independent variable and Y is independent variable, we are going to test the model:
Y = a + bX
The goals for the regression is to estimate the values of a and b. While formulating the hypothesis, we have to keep ...

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