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    Multiple Regression Report

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    I need help with explaining the highlighted portions in the attached. I am trying to understand it as well as write an explanation before I do a research.

    Address model assumptions. Begin by listing the assumptions and then presenting data or text that addresses how well the data meet the assumptions. For example, a t-test requires the data meet the following assumptions to make a valid inference:
    • The dependent measure is an interval or ratio scale,
    • The independent variable has two values,
    • The dependent variable is normally distributed,
    • The population variances for the two groups are equal, and
    • The observations are independent of one another.
    Also, address how well the data meet the assumptions. In some cases the text of the problem will help you, e.g., in inferring independence. In other cases you may need to examine the data, e.g., make a plot to examine normality. Does the data meet the assumptions? Sometimes statistical tests are little affected by violations of assumptions and other times the effects are severe, e.g., the p-value is way off.
    State the hypotheses both in terms of what you are trying to accomplish from a real-world perspective and what you are doing statistically. For the t-test example, you might say the research question is about comparing males and females in terms of interest in statistics. Then use an equation editor to state the null and alternative hypotheses:

    Present the statistical results of your analysis using APA style. Use text, tables and figures to present an easily read summary of the analysis. If you use tables or figures, place them immediately after the paragraph of first mention. Remember to report the results of the hypothesis tests along with effect sizes. Comment on the power and sample size also. Discuss sample size which is intimately related to power.
    Comment on what the results have to ay about the real world. What are the implications of the analysis?

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