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Run a Multiple Linear Regression

1. Using the survey5ED.sav data set and codebook run a Multiple Linear Regression. Use the scale variables computed as the independent variables and the dependent variable as indicated in the codebook. Assume that all assumptions have been met.

Report the following information in your writeup, include all SPSS:

• Compute a scale for each construct - report the Crohnbachs alpha for each
• Multicollinearity - Tolerance and VIF (Tolerance not lower than .30 and VIF no higher than 10)
• Report the sig. For the model
• Report the R2 for the model - In your own word, what does this number mean?
• Optimize the model.
• Evaluate each independent variable - report sig.
• For each variable in the optimized model report and interpret the unique contribution (beta)
• Conclusions? Brief explanations

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