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    Multiple Regression and Correlation Analysis on Risk of Strokes

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    A 10-year study conducted by the American Heart Association provided data on how age, blood pressure, and smoking relate to the risk of strokes. Assume that the following data are from a portion of this study. Risk is interpreted as the probability (time 100) that the patient will have a stroke over the next 10-year period. For the smoking variable, define a dummy variable with 1 indicating a smoker and 0 indicating a nonsmoker.


    a. Develop an estimated regression equation that relates risk of a stroke to the person's age, blood pressure, and whether the person is a smoke.
    b. Is smoking a significant factor in the risk of a stoke? Explain. Use a=.05
    c. What is the probability of a stroke over the next 10 years for Art Speen, a 68-year-old smoker who has a blood pressure of 175? What action might the physician recommend for this patient?

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    This solution shows step-by-step calculations to determine the regression equation, coefficients, standard error, t Stat, p-value and confidence intervals for age, pressure and smoker variables. All workings are shown in an Excel file.