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    Linear Regression Analysis

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    The following data represent x = boat sales and y = boat trailer sales from 1995 through 2000.0

    Year Boat sales (thousands) Boat trailer sales (thousands)
    1995 649 207
    1996 619 194
    1997 596 181
    1998 576 174
    1999 585 168
    2000 574 159

    a. determine that least-squares regression line and interpret its slope
    b. estimate, for a year during which 500,000 boats are sold, the number of boat trailers that would be sold
    c. what reasons might explain why the number of boat trailers sold per year is less than the number of boats sold per year?

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    Let y denote the boat trailer sales and x denote the boat sales. Assume that x and y are linearly related. Let be the suggested linear relationship.
    By the method of least squares the estimates of and are given by,

    Boat sales x Boat trailer sales ...

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    The solution contains the fitting of a least squares regression line and prediction.