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Regression Analysis

Solve: Time Series and Forecasting

Question: Victor Anderson, the owner of Anderson Belts, Inc., is studying absenteeism among his employees. His workforce is small, consisting of only five employees. For the last three years he recorded the following number of employee absences, in days, for each quarter. Q

Variables and level of measurement

Air travel is the foremost mode of transportation in the world today. Pricing methods used by airlines have a profound affect on travelers, and affects their decision of whether or not to travel. When prices are high, vacationers will decide to stay closer to home, and business travelers with use other methods such as video conf

Regression and Correlation

As cheddar cheese matures, a variety of chemical processes take place. The taste of matured cheese is related to the concentration of several chemicals in the final product. In a study of cheddar cheese from the LaTrobe Valley of Victoria, Australia, samples of cheese were analyzed for their chemical composition and were subject

Regression Analysis to Answer a Research Question

Seeking a full statistical analysis of the attached data file to explain: H0: Engaging in low-cost, high-risk activities improves airline safety. Ha: Engaging in low-cost, high-risk enhancements do not improve airline safety. A. Answering the Research Questions Define the null and alternative hypotheses and state how t

Multiple Choice questions on Forecasting: Time series, moving average

Please refer to the attached table. Year Crop Yield Rainfall Temperature 1996 208 25 53.2 1997 215 28.2 58.5 1998 204 25.6 55.1 1999 196 23.5 52.6 25. We decide to construct a time series model to obtain a 2 and 3-period moving average to forecast student enrollments for next term. Which statement is true concerning

Statistics Study Guide

1. A time series is a collection of data recorded over a period of time, usually monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Two examples of time series are a department store's sales by quarter since opening in 1962 and the annual production of sulfuric acid since 1970. 0True 0False 2. Long-term forecasts are usually more than one y

Statistics Questions - Regression Analysis

1) Explain how we test independent against dependent variables in a regression analysis? What's the set up? 2) Does a correlation as presented in a regression analysis graph imply an actual casual relationship? For example - can I say with a high degree of confidence "that on every full moon a chimpanzee will scratch itsel

Two chi-square tests and linear regression analysis

(5a) Collect observed and expected data. Perform a chi-square goodness-of-fit test (chi-square test for differences in more than two proportions). Test plan: Hypothesis statements: Population description: Description of how the random sample was drawn: Sample size: Expected and observed values: Type of test: Level

Time series forecasting problem

Problem (see attached file) we are going time series techniques to predict non-retail sales for the next three months. Use the data in the file non retail time series for these exercises. 1. From the graph of the non retail sales data does there appear to be a seasonal component? If yes, what number of seasons do there a

Correlation Analysis

45. Five observations taken for two variables follow X 4 6 11 3 16 i Y 50 50 40 60 30 i a. Develop a scatter diagram with x on the horizontal axis. b. What does the scatter diagram developed in part (a) indicate about the relationship between the two var

Regression Statistics in Microsoft Excel

Identify a business research issue, problem, or opportunity facing an organization that can be examined using regression analysis. Describe the research issue, problem, or opportunity and the accompanying data. Then, perform a regression analysis on your data using Microsoft® Excel®. Finally, interpret the results of your regr

Least Square Method

See attached files for full problem description. 31. The following cross tabulation shows household income by education level of the head of household. Household Income (1000s) Under 25.0- 50.0- 75.0- 100 or Education level 25 49.9 74.9

Regression analysis problem

You are the manager of the PSC marina on the Missouri River. From observations in the past, you think there is a direct link between the river level and the amount of fuel you sell. As the level rises, your sales increase, and as it decreases, your sales decline. The owner of the marina just took a statistics class at Peru S

Regression Analysis of 288 Data Points

First run a regression analysis using the BENEFITS column of 288 data points in the AIU data set as the independent variable and the INTRINSIC job satisfaction column of 288 data points in the AIU data set as the dependent variable. Create a graph with the trendline displayed. What is the least squares regression line equation?

Scatter diagram of rust data.

For a number of chondrites, the age and type (Type I or Type II) were noted, and the rust component was measured (rust.txt). (a) Draw a scatter diagram according to the type I and II and interpret it. (b) Does rustiness depend on age? (c) A further question is whether there is a difference between the two types of chond

Test of significance for binary regression models

Test of significance for binary regression models: I have estimated both probit and logit regression models, and I want to check to see if a particular result is significant. Specifically speaking I want to test to determine whether or not V9 and V31 are significant. Please show me how to conduct such a test. Here is a sam

SPSS Logistic Regression

I have a set of data and I'm running logistic regression using s.p.s.s. I'm getting great results but when i try to run the formula ((e^(b0+b1**xi))/(1+e^(bo+b1**xi)) on excel I'm getting bad result. Can you help me to figure out whats going on here and why I don't get the right result on the excel? Can you sh

Multiple regression analysis with Excel

Do a multiple regression analysis for the following data in Excel where Selling Price is the dependent variable. Paste the results into a Word document. Below the output, write your hypotheses, decision and conclusion. Then highlight or circle the adjusted R2, the regression equation (or coefficients in Excel), the standard err

Forecasting Problem: Regression Model

For all exercises indicate the specific values from the model that you are using to draw your conclusions. No credit will be given for just yes or no answers. 1. Develop the regression model to forecast retail sales from non-retail sales. a) Show the scatter diagram graph of the data and on the graph show the regression li

Time series forecasting (seasonalized and deseasonalized)

A) Plot the data in 1982 dollars and find the least-squares trend line. What fraction of the variability in revenue is accounted for by the trend alone? B) Find the quarterly seasonal indices for the revenues in 1982 dollars, and use them to deseasonalize those revenues. C) Find the least-squares trend line for the deseas

Recommendations regarding Cinergy's coal allocation problem

Prepare a report that summarizes your recommendations regarding Cinergy's coal allocation problem. Be sure to include information and analysis for the following issues. 1. Determine how much coal to purchase from each of the mining companies and how it should be allocated to the generating units. What is the cost to purchase,

Sales Forecasting: Forecast the sales for the home improvements market for Mexico City for 2007 using expenditures per household as the explanatory (independent) variable in a linear regression analysis. Graph the actual and forecasted data. See attached for data.

Forecast the sales for the home improvements market for Mexico City for 2007 using expenditures per household as the explanatory (independent) variable in a linear regression analysis. Graph the actual and forecasted data. See attached for data. Select another possible explanatory variable, in addition to expenditures per hou

Regression Analysis on Phase V

Regression Analysis Problem. Answer the following questions based on the above table. A. How many houses were sold last week? n = _________? B. What is the dependent variable? Size of homes or selling prices? _____________________ C. What is the independent variable? Size of homes or selling p

Problem analysis--time series

1. Corporate triple A bond interest rates for 12 consecutive months are given below. Month Interest rate 1 9.5 2 9.3 3 9.4 4 9.6 5 9.8 6 9.7 7 9.8 8 10.5. 9 9.9 10 9.7 11 9.6 12