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Correlation and regression analysis

The coefficient of correlation was computed to be -0.60. This means

a. the coefficient of determination is .

b. as X increase Y decreases.

c. X and Y are both 0.

d. as X decreases Y decreases.

Which of the following is a stronger correlation than -0.54?

a. 0.67
b. 0.45
c. 0.0
d. -0.45

A regression equation is used to:

a. measure the association between two variables.
b. estimate the value of the dependent variable based on the independent variable.
c. estimate the value of the independent variable based on the dependent variable.
d. estimate the coefficient of determination.

A regression equation was computed to be Y= = 35 + 6X. The value of the 35 indicates that

a. the regression line crosses the Y-axis at 35.
b. the coefficient of correlation is 35.
c. the coefficient of determination is 35.
d. an increase of one unit in X will result in an increase of 35 in Y.

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