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    Understanding a regression hypothesis test

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    1. In 250-300 words interpret the result of the regression hypothesis test.

    H0: What is the trend of salaries for educational levels among females and males?

    X Female Male
    Less 1 $20,420.16 $29,271.71
    HS 2 $22,647.65 $32,464.75
    Degree 3 $35,652.27 $51,106.52
    (We denoted the educational levels on a scale of 1-3)

    2. In 250-300 words describe the result of regression hypothesis test

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    An examination of the above figure, indicates an increasing relationship between Education Level (X) and the Salaries (Y) both among males and females.

    Therefore, the regression lines given above follow an increasing trend of salaries for educational ...

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    The trend of salaries for educational levels among females and males are examined using a hypothesis test. The regression results of a hypothesis test are analyzed.