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Enrollment Data for Business Week's Top Graduates

Consider the enrollment data for Business Week's top 50 U.S. graduate business programs in the file P2_3.XLS which is set out below.

PROBLEM: Using excel and excel statistical functions, solve the following:

(a) Use the data in the file P2_3.XLS - set out below - to estimate a multiple regression model to assess whether there is a systematic relationship between the total number of full-time students and the following explanatory variables:

(i) The proportion of female students;

(ii) The proportion of minority students; and

(iii) The proportion of international students

enrolled at these distinguished business schools.

(b) Interpret the ANOVA table for this model. In particular, does this set of explanatory variables provide at least some power in explaining the variation in total full-time enrollment at the top graduate business programs?

(c) Report a p - value for this hypothesis test.

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The enrollment data for business week's top graduates of business programs is given.