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Data Analysis and Decision Making.

Business Week's Guide to the Best Business Schools provides enrollment data on graduate business programs that it rates as the best in the United States. Specifically, this guide reports the percentages of women, minority, and international students enrolled in each of the top programs, as well as the total numbers of full time students enrolled in each program. Use the appropriate measures of central location to find the typical percentage of women, minority, and international students enrolled in these elite programs. These data are contained in the file P02_03.xls.

What I need:

1). Ok, I understand that I will have to use Excel for this problem. Also, I think I will need to use the mean to find the "average of all the values of the variable" (Albright, Winston, and Zappe, 2006). Am I to use the percentile function, also for selected summary measures? Which one applies? What I am asking for here is that within the text, it speaks of percentile and quartile. Are the quartiles related to certain quarters in a business year? I am sorry but I am not good in math and I have not taken statistics before and on top of this I am not knowledgable of Excel. I need your help!!

2). If I am correct in choosing the mean to do this problem, when I go to Excel and click on insert and function, do I choose Sum and will I then have a choice of choosing the percentile function?

Thank you in advance for your patience with me.

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Please see the attached file. If you keep the cursor on the corresponding Excel cell, it shows the formula to be used. Hope this helps.
Percentile refers to the value corresponding to a given estimated ...

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