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Regression Analysis

Statistics: Example of regression analysis in your work. Give the model

Once we start to think about it, regression is useful in many different situations. Give an example of how you might use regression analysis in your work. As part of your answer give the model you would use and explain why you chose the specific independent variables given in your model. I own my own janitorial company.

Statistics: Simple regression of tree height on bark thickness

32) Two models were proposed for a simple regression of tree height on bark thickness, Model A: Height' = 7.8*Bark + 37 and Model B: Height' = 8*Bark + 35. Using the information and calculations below, which model is best? Model A: Height' = 7.8*Bark + 37 Tree ID Height (feet) Bark Thickness (millimeters) Predicted Hei

Houston weather data: regression equation, R-squared, intercept meaning

Instructions: ? Write the regression equation ? What does R-squared value tell you? ? What meaning does intercept have? ? Which is warmer, a day with rain or a day without? ? Is KIAH_Precip a good predictor? ? Describe fit of regression It might be supposed that rainy days would tend to be cooler than

ANOVA: Two-Factor Without Replication and Regression Analysis

Question 1: A manufacturing company designed an experiment to determine whether the number of days necessary to develop a new product depends on whether the development processes were performed sequentially or simultaneously (the method of development). Because the duration of development would depend on whether the new produ

Statistics questions

1.A random sample of 48 days taken at a large hospital shows that an average of 38 patients was treated in the emergency room per day. The standard deviation of the population is 4. Find the 99% confidence interval of the mean number of ER patients treated each day at the hospital. 2.Using the same information as in ques

Regression, Correlation, Point Estimate

[Data attached] An agent for a residential real estate company in a large city would like to be able to predict the monthly rental cost of apartments based on the size of the apartment. Data for a sample of 25 apartments in a particular neighborhood are provided in the attached excel spreadsheet. 1. At the .05 level of

Regression equation to predict father's education from mother's education

Run a regression equation to predict father's education from mother's education (variable paeduc and maeduc). Include 95% confidence intervals for the slop and intercept. Save the standard error of the mean prediction. Based on this equation answer the following: a. What do you predict for father's education for all people wh

Statistics Hypothesis Statement to test linear regression analysis

See attached data file. I need to formulate a hypothesis statement which can be tested with linear regression analysis using the attached data set. Legend for the data set is posted below: X1: Account Balance in dollars X2: Number of ATM transactions in the month X3: Number of other bank services used X4: Has a de

Step-by-Step Correlation and Regression Analysis

1. The following table lists the percent yields of 25 consecutive batches (read across rows) Construct a time-sequence plot and comment on its appearance. 72.4 75.3 72.7 74.2 75.6 75.0 73.3 73.1 74.4 77.5 75.8 74.0 73.2 74.8 76.2 72.7 68.2 79.1 73.8 75.5 74.7 75.7 72.9 72.1 77.7 1b. Construct a dot diagram and calculate t

Statistics Correlations: Sales of pet food

The marketing manager of a large supermarket chain would like to use shelf space to predict the sales of pet food. For a random sample of 12 similar stores, she gathered the following information regarding the shelf space, in feet, devoted to pet food and the weekly sales in hundreds of dollars. Use these data to answer questi

Analysis of Variance Test

It has been reported that 10.3% of U.S. households do not own a vehicle, with 34.2% owning 1 vehicle, 38.4% owning 2 vehicles, and 17.1% owning 3 or more vehicles. The data for a random sample of 100 households in a resort community are summarized in the frequency distribution below. At the 0.05 level of significance, can we rej

Correlation and Regression

11A is a plot and regression analysis question from Norius Chapter 20, concept exercise # 4. I do not have this as a digital copy yet, so if you choose to accept this job, I will scan the problem and email. 11B Using the Graphs menu, make a scatterplot of husband's education against wife's education (variables husbeduc and


A)Show the scatter diagram and explain whether it displays a linear relationship. b)Enter the regression equation c)Interpret the coefficients in the regression. d)Predict the amount of ice cream sold for one day with a temperature of 950C.

Linear Demand Regression Analysis

A linear demand regression model found the following: Ordinary Least Squares Estimates ________________________________________ Dependent Variable : QUANTITY Independent variable: Coefficient t-statistic Constant 10 2.5 - PRICE -2

Regression Analysis in Excel.

The file attached contains data on 80 colleges and universities. Among the variables included are the academic calendar type (1 = semester: 0 = other). Annual total cost (in thousands of dollars), average total score on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), room and board expenses (in thousands of dollars), whether the institu

Regression analysis in excel.

A sociologist theorized that people who watch television frequently are exposed to many commercials, which in turn leads them to buy more, and finally increasing their debt. To test this belief, a sample of 430 families were drawn. For each, the total debt (D) and the number of hours the tv (T) is turned on per week were recorde

Regression analysis: market specialist is analyzing household budget data

A market specialist is analyzing household budget data collected by her firm. The specialist's dependent variable is monthly household expenditures on healthcare (in $'s), and her independent variable is annual household income (in $1,000's). Regression analysis of the data yielded the following tables. Coefficients Standard

Quantitative Research Methods

Address questions(a)through(e)using the following information and output for multiple linear regression. The sales manager of Phanton corporation has constructed a model to evaluate the performance of the company's sales representatives. Te representatives annual sales are estimated by the person's lenght of employment (mo

Quantitative methods.

Problem 1 The amount of fluid in a half-liter bottle of diet cola is normally distributed, and from past experience, the standard deviation is known to be 1.20 milliliters. A sample of 50 bottles reveals a mean weight of 502.1 ml. Construct and interpret a 90% confidence interval for the mean. Be sure to interpret the meaning

Statistics Problems 10-11 10-15 10-16 10-22 10-34 10-37 10-40 10-47 10-56 10-59

10-11 An article in the journal of Monetary Economics assesses the relationship between percentage growth in wealth over a decade and a half of saving for baby boomers of age 40 to 55 with these people's income quartiles. The article present table showing five income quartiles and for each quartile there is s reported percentag

Regression Equation and Correlation

Refer to the Wage data, which report information on annual wages for a sample of 100 workers. Also included are variables relating to the industry, years of education, and gender for each worker. Determine the regression equation using annual wage as the dependent variable and years of education, gender, years of work experience

Regression equation, Coefficient interpretation & determination

An insurance company is trying to estimate the average number of sick days that full-time food-service workers use per year. They would like to develop a model to predict the number of sick days based on whether any children between the ages of 4 and 12 years old reside at home with them. The analysis produced the following outp

Statistics regression problem samples

10-79 A regression was carried out aimed at assessing the effect of the offer price of an initial public offering (IPO) on the chances of failure of the firm issuing the IPO over various time period from the time of offering ( the maximum length of time being 5 years). The sample was of 2,058 firms, and the regression slope es

Confidence Interval, Sample size & Regression Equation

1 How do I find the 98% confidence interval for the mean of the following sample of 10: 91, 82, 66, 94, 110, 80, 90, 75, 88, 84 2 2. A farmer wanted to test a new diet on his pigs and he wanted to be 99% confident that the average weight gain would be within 2 pounds. The standard deviation is 16.5 How many pigs should g

Use Indicator Variables to Reduce Average Task Times

See data file attached. Management at the Texas Christian University physical plant is interested in reducing the average time to completion or routine work orders. The time to complete is defined as the difference between the date of receipt of a work order and the date closing information is entered. The number of labor hou

Regression Analysis

I need help with analyzing and evaluating the results from the attached regression. Please review the attached for linear model. Price is represented as cents per gallon.