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Regression Analysis

Statistics: Define autocorrelation, and multicollinearity

Define autocorrelation in the following terms: a. In which type of regression is it likely to occur? b. What is the negative impact of autocorrelation in a regression? c. Which method is used to determine if it exists? d. If found in a regression, how is autocorrelation eliminated? Define multicollinearity in the followin

Forecast Techniques, Forecast Accuracy Measures and Regression Analysis

Please show all work. 5. The chairperson of the department of management at State University wants to forecast the number of students who will enroll in production and operations management (POM) next semester, in order to determine how many sections to schedule. The chair has accumulated the following enrollment data for th

Moving Average Forecast, Exponential Smoothing Forecast, Adjusted Exponential Smoothing Forecast, MAD, MAPD, Cumulative Error, Comparison among different Forecast Techniques and Regression Analysis

1. The saki motorcycle dealer in Minneapolis wants to make an accurate forecast of demand for the Saki Super TXII motorcycle during the next month. Because the manufacturer is in Japan, it is difficult to send motorycles back or reorder if the proper number is not ordered a month ahead. From sales records, the d

Job Satisfaction Survey -Regression Analysis

See attached data file. Prepare a report using Excel as your processing tool to process three simple regression analyses. 1. First run a regression analysis using the BENEFITS column of all data points in the AIU data set as the independent variable and the INTRINSIC job satisfaction column of all data points in the AIU d

Biostatistics: Multivariable Regression Analysis

A study is conducted in patients with HIV. The primary outcome is CD4 cell count, which is a measure of the stage of the disease. Lower CD4 counts are associated with more advanced disease. The investigators are interested in the assocition between vitamin and mineral suppliments and CD4 count. A multiple regression analysis is

Multiple Regression Model Purpose

We are given a multiple regression model : InQt=1.2789-0.1647 In Pt+ 0.5115 In It + 0.1483 In P't - 0.0089T - 0.961D1t - 0.1570D2t-0.0097D3t Its purpose is to describe the relationship between the terms on the right (the independent variable) to Qt (the dependent variable. We find values of each variable be taking a random

AIU Benefits Data: Regression, Lease Squares, Y-intercepts

See attached data file to complete this task. Prepare a report using Excel as your processing tool to process 3 simple regression analyses. Create a graph with the trend line displayed for each of the 3 different regressions. First run a regression analysis using the BENEFITS column of all data points in the AIU data set

Statistics: Multiple Regression Equation

See the attached file. PG 2 -6 The US Navy selected 16 hospitals that were believed to be efficiently run. They conducted a regression analysis to evaluate the performance of the hospitals in terms of how many labor hours used relative to how many labor hours needed. Y= monthly labor hours required X1= monthly X-ray e


See attached file. Accu-copiers Inc sells Accu 500 copy machines. As part of standard contract, they perform routine servicing of the copier. To obtain the time it takes to perform the routine service they collected 11 service calls. The service call information revealed the the following. Refer to Table 10C attached.

Use of ANOVA, One-Way, Two-Way, R-Square in Regression

Short Answer - One paragraph per response; your own words! Reference links may be included. Question 1: The F test is used in Analysis of Variance (ANOVA). When would a researcher use an ANOVA? Explain. Questions 2: A research assistant is contemplating whether to use a One Way ANOVA or a Two Way ANOVA. The research as

Realtor using regression analysis for house prices

You are a realtor with a small business. You use a simple 2 variable linear regression analysis for quick first glance house price estimates using square footage of the house. You are asked by a customer what the price for his house would be given that his house has 1,500 square feet. The number you are trying to explain is the

Regression Hypothesis Test on Real Estate Data

Test the Hypothesis that homes located closer to the centre of the city, are higher in price than those homes located further away from the centre of the city. -Perform a regression hypothesis test on the data -Include a graph showing the results -Include the results of your computations, using graphical and/or tabular met

Regression Model for predicting risk for stroke.

A 10 year study by the American Heart Association provided data on how age, blood pressure and smoking relate to the risk of strokes. Data from a portion of this study are shown below. Risk is interpreted as the probability (times 100) that a person will have a stroke over the next 10 year period. For the smoker variable, 1 indi

General Statistics

5 Answer questions 5-8 using the following information: Test the hypothesis that the treatment means for samples given below are equal. Use the .01 significance level. Treatment 1 Treatment 2 Treatment 3 22 34 13 20 31 10 21 25 14 18 25 11 19 32 30 The decision rule is: Choose one answer. a. Reject the nul

Statistics: Multi Regression analysis

We want to determine the primary factors that affect Motor Vehicle Theft crime rates in the United States. The statistical analysis of the data involves multiple-regression analysis. This problem is for Graduate/Masters level 1.What are the primary determinants of Motor Vehicle Theft crimes in the United States? 2. What

Artsy Company: Difference in pay rates by job grade, time in grade and by sex

Artsy Case The Artsy Corporation has been sued in the United States Federal Court on charges of employment discrimination under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. (Artsy is an actual corporation and the data given in the case is real, but the name has been changed to protect the firm's true identity.) The litigation at

SPSS Input

A Survey of 50 Companies In January '08, fifty customers of a lumber manufacturer were surveyed regarding their satisfaction with products and service. These customers buy from the supplier and sell to retail chains like Home Depot and Lowes. Shortly after, the manufacturing company was sold. In June '08, the customers were

Multiple Regression & Seasonal Forecasting

This solution describes how to do multiple regression using Excel and the Megastat plugin. Students are given step-by-step instructions on how to use the MegaStat plugin for Excel and told why Excel's Data Analysis Toolpak isn't reliable for rigorous statistical analysis. Attachments include example spreadsheets, a video tutoria

Multiple Regression Analysis and Hypothesis Test

The Excel file contains this data on weekly gross revenues, television advertising expenditures, and newspaper advertising expenditures for Showtime Movie Theaters, all measured in thousands of dollars. Weekly Gross Revenue Television Advertising Newspaper Advertising 96

Elasticity Case and Questions: National consumption of chicken

There are 3 attached files. One is the case with actual deliverables highlighted in yellow. One is the spreadsheet with necessary data. The last is a document with examples of how the tables are to be done. The numbers on the table example sheet are not right, they are just there to show how the outcome should look.

Relationship Between Volume and Cost Productions

VOLUME CHEMICAL (This problem was intended to be solved using the computer.) You are involved in an analysis of the relationship between the cost and the volume of production. You have collected the following inflation-adjusted data. PRODUCTION UNITS COSTS 700 $61,750 1,450 64,450 1,500 66,000 1,750 69,438 2,

Scatterplot, Regression Analysis and Correlation Hypothesis Test

Construct a Scatterplot of the raw data. Then, run the Correlation/Regression program. Costs of Television: Listed below are prices (in dollars) and quality rating scores of rear-projection televisions. All of the televisions have screen sizes of 55 or 56 inches. Is there sufficient evidence to conclude that there is a line

General Statistics

Directions: You may include the statistical software output, but you must also include a well-written explanation of the findings. Be sure to answer the question asked in each problem, and explain why, with reference to your output. If you calculate the answers manually, be sure to show your work. I would prefer a Word document

Perform Regression Hypothesis

In their previous papers, Team XX looks at age and wage using several statistical techniques. Team XX will cover bivariate regression for their Week Five assignment. As per Doane-Seward (2007), scatter plots and correlation coefficients provide clues about the relationship between variables and to model the relationship, researc

Correlation Testing & Regression Analysis

Please explain how you obtained your results. The Mauna Loa Observatory at 11,000 feet elevation in the middle of the Pacific Ocean sits in a prime spot for measuring carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere without local contamination. Operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Climate Monitoring and Di

Statistics: Hypothesis Testing, Regression, and Multiple Populations

Hypothesis Testing 1. The MBA department is concerned that dual degree students may be receiving lower grades than the regular MBA students. Two independent random samples have been selected 150 observations from population 1 (dual degree students) and 200 from population 2 (MBA students). The sample means obtained are X1(