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Regression Analysis

Explanation of Various Aspects of Regression Analysis

See the attached file. Nine different students were given version A of a test to determine their knowledge of statistical concepts. The students then took a course in statistical concepts. At the end of the course the students took version B of the same test. You are asked to determine if the course was effective in improving

trend commonly thought to be the most important

Why is the trend commonly thought to be the most important component of forecasting? How is the linear trend method related to linear regression? Why are simple moving averages and weighted averages commonly used forms of forecasting?

Correlation and Regression Hypothesis Test

A regional commuter airline selected a random sample of 25 flights and found that the correlation between the number of passengers and the total weight, in pounds, of luggage stored in the luggage compartment is 0.94. Using the .05 significance level, can we conclude that there is a positive association between the two variables

Statistics Time-Series Forecasting problems: 16.7, 16.13, 16.15, 16.47

See attached data files. 16.7 The following data (stored in Treasury) represent the three-month Treasury bill rates in the U.S. from 1991-2008: Year Rate 1991 5.38 1992 3.43 1993 3.00 1994 4.25 1995 5.49 1996 5.01 1997 5.06 1998 4.78 1999 4.64 2000 5.82 2001 3.40 2002 1.61 2003 1.0

Find the square data regression line for the included data.

Using a computer software, find the least square data regression line for data below. Based on the F test, is there a statistically significant relationship between the first grade and the final grade of the students. Regression ________________________________________ Student 1 2 3 4 5

Statistics Problems 14.7, 14.25, 14.41, 14.43, 14.49

See attached files. 14.7 The business problem facing the director of broadcasting operations for a television station was the issue of standby hours (i.e. hours in which unionized graphic artists are paid but are not actually involved in any activity) and what factors were related to standby hours. The study included the foll

Regression Analysis

A consumer organization wants to develop a regression model to predict mileage (as measured by miles per gallon) based on the horsepower of the car's engine and the weight of the car (in pounds). Date were collected from a sample of 50 recent car models, and the results are organized and stored in Auto. a. State the multiple

Regression and Correlation Analysis

For the following data on 10 persons, construct a scatterplot showing the relationship between age and number of children, and describe the relationship in verbal terms. Person (i) Age(X) Number of Children (Y) 1

Simple Linear Regression Analysis - Correlation Coefficient

Q: A very broad consensus has emerged around the proposition that global warming is a reality with likely serious global consequences. Moreover, while there is still not unanimity that is desirable to cut emissions from coal and petroleum. Finally, many energy economist and political leaders are advocating a multipronged approac

Regression analysis for data on lettery, education, age, children

See attached data file. 3. Attached you will find the excel data and analysis on the topic of 'playing the lottery'. It is often claimed that individuals who play the lottery are those who can least afford to do so, making the impact of the lottery 'regressive'. In this context, regressive implies that lower income indivi

Regression & correlation: Turbidity level and accumulated rainfall

In a water treatment plant, the turbidity level is suspected to be linearly related to the inches of accumulated rainfall in the month, x. The following information related to the waste water plant is available: Turbidity Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 Inches of Water 5.6 4.6 4.5 3.7 3.2 2.7 a. Find the equation of the line using t

Chi-square Test, Regression Analysis and Correlation

See file attached for proper format of tables. 12.5 A sample of 500 shoppers was selected in a large metropolitan area to determine various information concerning consumer behavior. Among the questions asked was, "Do you enjoy shopping for clothing?" The results are summarized in the following contingency table: Enjoy Shop

Dummy variables in regression

When using dummy variables in a regression equation to model a qualitative or categorical variable, the number of dummy variables should equal to a. one less than the number of categories. b. one more than the number of categories. c. the number of categories. d. the number of other independent variables in the model

What makes a good regression model?

A good regression model should have a. a low r2 and a low significance level for the F-test. b. a high r2 and a high significance level for the F-test. c. a high r2 and a low significance level for the F-test. d. a low r2 and a high significance level for the F-test.

Completing a Regression Analysis

See the attached file for proper formatting. Please solve the exercise below in Excel and show your work, along with the formulas. Scenario: A local tire dealer wants to predict the number of tires sold each month. He believes that the number of tires sold is a linear function of the amount of money invested in advertising.


8. U.S. News & World Report publishes the average starting salary and the average GMAT score for MBA graduates at each of the top 80 ranked schools in the country. The data fit the following regression line: Y = 288X - 111,408 where X is the average GMAT score for students at a school and Y is the average starting salary for gr

Statistics, equation of regression line, interpretation of regression line

7. Store records show that people who live closer to a store tend to purchase more. The relationship between the distance to the store in miles (X) and the amount a customer spends over the year in dollars (Y) fits the following regression line: Y = -100 X + 1000. If a customer lives 7 miles from the store, what is the predicte

Regression analysis: Assessed value of small medical office buildings

Using Data set C, complete the template provided in the Excel file attached. Regression analysis: Assessed value of small medical office buildings obs assessed floor offices entrances age freeway 1 1796 4790 4 2 8 0 2 1544 4720 3 2 12 0 3 2094 5940 4 2 2 0 4 1968 5720 4 2 34 1 5 1567 3660 3 2 38 1 6 1878 5000 4 2 31