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Regression Analysis

Regression and ANOVA

6. Shown below is a portion of an Excel output for regression analysis relating Y (dependent variable) and X (independent variable). ANOVA Source df SS Regression 1 110 Residual 8 74 Total 9 184 Coefficients Standard Error t-stat Intercept 39.222 5.943 x -0.5556 0.1611 a. What has been the sample size f

Analysis of variance and regression.

ââ?¬Æ' In order to determine whether or not the sales volume of a company (Y in millions of dollars) is related to advertising expenditures (X1 in millions of dollars) and the number of salespeople (X2), data were gathered for 10 years. Part of the regression results is shown below. Analysis of Variance (incomplete)

Multiple regression analysis.

Welcome to the fifth SLP of the course. For this module I am again going to refer you to the data you have been collecting. Answer the following questions in reference to your data. Can you perform a multiple regression analysis with the data you have been collecting without changing that data or adding to it? Why or why

Regression analysis : Home Price

Housing Starts II For this case assignment we are going to look at housing starts again, but this time we are going to add another variable to the equation. The historical values below give interest rates, lumber prices (dollars per board-foot) and number of starts. We will compute a multiple regression equation using the

Wall-Mart: Simple regression to stock price to the closing value of the DJIA

See attached data file. Use simple regression to determine the extent to which your stock's closing price can be determined from the closing value of the DJIA. As before, you should include a copy of the data you've collected to date. In your SLP upload, include a screen shot of your Excel output. SLP Assignment Expecta

Non-linear Models

I would like to check my answers against the following questions: Referring to the data, tomyld2.xls, discussed in the square-root regression model. Using EXCEL, PHStat2 or other statistical program/means answer the following: When applied a quadratic term on fertilizer and performed the quadratic regression analysis,

Biostatistics logistic model with three variables

Please solve the following pb: In a paper that appeared four years later, Halperin et al. [1971] reexamined the Framingham data analysis by Truett et al. [1967] using a logistic model. Halperin et al. analyzed several subsets of the data; for this problem we abstract the data for men aged 29 to 39 years, and three variables


Suppose you are given data from a survey showing the IQ of each person interviewed and the IQ of his or her mother. That is all the information you have. Your boss has asked you to put together a report showing the relationship between these two variables. What could you present and why?

Quantitative Analysis and Data Management

The problem set has been attached. It has to do with Regression and forecasting. Create a graph of Sales over this time period (Quarter 1 of 1986 through Quarter 1 of 2001) What do you see happening to Coca Cola sales over this time period? Run a simple linear regression of Sales on Time Period (recode the time period v

Regression coefficient values

Road Construction is considering two suppliers to deliver 10,000 concrete pillars for their next construction project. The two suppliers are geographically dispersed and the management believes the proximity to Road Construction plays an important role in delivering the pillars on time. Another important characteristic is the sc

Multiple Regression

BC LUMBER is trying to obtain a better prediction on the volume of its trees. A sample of trees of various diameters were cut and the diameters, heights and volumes were recorded. The results are given below. DIAMETER: Diameter in inches at 4.5 feet above ground level HEIGHT: Height of the tree in feet VOLUME: Volume

Regression Analysis solution

The following data gives the annual rent per square foot for office space (X in $) and the associated occupancy rate (Y as a %). X Y 12 83 17 77 9 92 15 82 11 88 7 90 19 75 10 90 13 83 14 78 16 75 8 91 Please Use Minitab 1. Generate a scatterplot fo

Multiple least squares are assessed.

1. Suppose that a researcher, using wage data on 250 randomly selected male workers and 280 female workers, estimates the OLS regression Wage = 12.52 + 2.12 male ; R^2 = 0.06 ;? = 4.2 and (0.23) (0.36) where the quantity in parentheses is the standard error of the estimated coefficient. wage is measured in do

Regression Model to Estimate Electrical Loads

Dear OTA â?" I need a solution or method to estimate the hourly electrical load for the State of Georgia during 1994, using Regression Modeling Techniques. Given will be Excel tables that provide Georgiaâ??s actual hourly weather and average electrical load for the years 1992 and 1993 (9293w_ld) and Georgiaâ??s actual


Need help in working out the problems attached so that I can do the rest, thanks.

Simple Linear Regression

In New Jersey, Banks have been charged with withdrawing from countries having a high percent of minorities. To substantiate this charge, P.D. Ambrosio and S Chambers (1995), present in the data in shown at the bottom: A.) Determine if there is significant relationship between X and Y. B.) Describe the exact nature of any r

Regression analysis for BC Lumber trees using volume and diameter

See attached data file. BC LUMBER harvests trees throughout the U.S. and Canada. They need to be able to estimate the amount of timber in a given area of forest. More specifically they need a quick and easy way to determine the volume of any given tree. Unfortunately, it is difficult to measure the volume of a tree directly.

Multiple Regression

I need help with the Multiple Regression. A new Human resources manager at Beta Technologies is trying to understand the way that salaries have been set at the company. He has access to data on the following employee characteristics: gender, age, years of experience at the company, years of prior industry experience, and educ

Regression Analysis Interpretations

1) Blay mount Amateur Dramatic Society is staging a play and wants to know how much to spend on advertising, by getting a better understanding of the relationship between advertising and attendance. For the past 11 productions they have recorded their spending on advertising (in $) and the size of their audience and have perfor

Psychological Statistics questions on regression

1. Explain the difference between a standard deviation and the standard error of estimate 2. Given the regression line in the graph below for question #11 on pg. 160. (scan 3 file attachment) (part 2) draw the regression line for a = -2 and b = -.24 3. To determine the relationship between speed and precision in driving

Multiple regression analysis

Must see attachment for number 2. 1) What are the components of a time series? What external factors might affect each of the different components? In number 2, I need assistance step by step details in understanding how to work statistics problems in words of interpretation (that helps explain the results and what it r

Logistic Regression vs. Sequential Least Squares Regression

In considering doing a logistic regression using the Enter method, it was suggested that I may want to consider doing a sequential LSR or stepwise logistic regression instead. What exactly are the advantages and disadvantages of each of these options, and what criteria should I use in order to decide which method is best?

Regression Analysis for Job Satisfaction Survey Data

Using the data set below complete the following: TEST #1: Regression Analysis - Benefits & Intrinsic Perform the following Regression Analysis, using a .05 significance level. Run a regression analysis using the BENEFITS column of all data points in the AIU data set as the independent variable. and the INTRINSIC job satisfa

Statistics for gasoline prices: Time series plt, exponential trend forecasting

See attached file. Are gasoline prices higher during the height of the summer vacation season? The table stored in the file unleaded.xls contains the mean monthly prices (in dollars per gallon) for unleaded gasoline in the United States from 2000 to 2005. a) Construct a time series plot b) Develop an exponential tren

Regression Analysis

*****I need helllllllp. Attach is the data key, the data tool and the template. It has to be Original not copied because they change the data numbers each session so whatever is in the library will not work for this assignment. ***** I will need help with the Interpretation of the numbers and the conclusion. How can

Linear Analysis to Predict Selling Prices of Homes

See attached data file. You want to develop a model to predict the selling price of homes based on assessed value. A sample of 20 recently sold single-family houses in a small city is selected to study the relationship between selling price (in thousands of dollars) and assessed value (in thousands of dollars). The houses in

What is the importance and purpose of using regression analysis?

Hello. Could you please provide your feedback to these Statistics questions? Thanks. ----------------------------------------------- 1 - Give the meaning (define) of: Reliability of a sample: Validity of a sample: Practicality of a sample: Precision of a sample: Accuracy of a sample: Why should we be concerned about the