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Regression Analysis

Correlation and Regression Lines

A researcher desires to know whether the typing speed of a secretary (in words per minute) is related to the time (in hours) that it takes the secretary to learn to use a new word processing program. The data are shown. Speed x 48 74 52 79 83 56 85 63 88 74 90 92 Time y 7 4 8 3.5 2 6 2.3 5 2.1 4.5 1.9 1.5 (a) find the val

Correlation and Regression: Number of children of a mother

Question 1. 3 A study is done to see whether there is a relationship between a mother's age and the number of children she has. The data are shown here. If there is a significant relationship, predict the number of children of a mother whose age is 34 Mother's age x 18 22 29 20 27 32 33 36 No. of children y 2 1 3 1 2 4 3


See the attached file for the table. 2 THE FRESH DETERGENT CASE Model: y = b0 + b1 x1 + b2 x2 + b3 x3 + e Sample size: n = 30 Regression Statistics Multiple R 0.9453 R Square 0.8936 Adjusted R Square 0.8813 Standard Error 0.2347 Observations 30 ANOVA df SS

The Hospital Labor Needs Case - Multiple Linear Regression

See attached file. (Table 1) presents data concerning the need for labor in 16 U.S. Navy hospitals. Here, y = monthly labor hours required; x1 = monthly X-ray exposures; x2 = monthly occupied bed days (a hospital has one occupied bed day if one bed is occupied for an entire day); and x3 = average length of patients stay (in d

Time Series for Apple, Inc

The required Apple Inc sales data in attached Excel document. You will therefore be required to collect historical unadjusted (i.e. should not be adjusted for seasonality) data for eight years, that will be used for these time series. TIME SERIES PARTICULARS You must perform a complete time series analysis, making use o

Stats_Regression model of new MBA salaries

Analyze statistical data for the project: School Ranking Region Type Salary/Bonus Employment Rate within 6 months Additional Fees Annual Cost Average Indebtedness BYU (Marriott) 29 Utah private $93,448 93.30% $0 $8,700 $21,888 Dartmouth College (Tuck) 7 East private $122,812 90.10% $250 $42,990 $90,078 Washin


The dean of the college of business at Tech has initiated a fund-raising campaign. One of the selling points he plans to use with potential donors is that increasing the colleges private endowment will improve its ranking among all business schools, as published each year by the magazine, The Global News and Business Report. H

Regression Analysis: Linear & Quadratic Models

Excel (Regression) The dataset mercury.xls has two variables both numeric: - methyl mercury intake (INTAKE) - mercury in whole blood (BLOOD) These two measures were recorded on a sample of 15 subjects exposed to methyl mercury through consumption of contaminated fish. The researcher wants to know if is possible to p

Help with ANOVA and linear and multiple regression

I need help with the following type of problem: You work in the shipping and logistics department for Beast Buy, an American mail order company that specializes in pet food for VERY exotic pets. Beast Buy has four warehouses/distribution centers that provide product to each of four different regions in the US; Atlanta service

Multiple Regression Analysis Regression

You wanted to develop a model to predict how long individuals will live. After consulting a number of physicians, you collected the age at death (y), the average number of hours of exercise per week (x1), the cholesterol level (x2), and the number of points that the individual's blood pressure exceeded the recommended value (x3)

Please Help Check My Answers- Time Series Analysis- Forecasting

I would like help in checking my answers against the following: The data in DJIA.XLS (attached) represent the closing value of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) over the 24-year period 1979 through 2002. Using EXCEL, PHStat2, or any other statistical program, answer the following: When fitting a third-order auto

statistical regression

1. Develop estimated regression equations, first using annual income as the independent variable and then using household size as the independent variable. Which is a better predictor of annual credit card charges? 2. Develop an estimated regression equation with annual income and household size as the independent varia

Multiple Regression Analysis Interpretation

Run a multiple regression equation and interpret the coefficient results to determine that these independent variables impact the sale price of a home. Model is: HOUSE PRICE ESTIMATE = BEDROOMS + SQUARE FOOTAGE + GARAGE + BATHS DATA SETS Variables X1 = Selling price in $000 X2 = Number of bedrooms X3= Size of t

Step by step regression analysis

(A) Regression analysis - Show all work 1. Run a regression of profits on assets and sales and interpret your result. You can use excel 2. By using dummy variable approach, compare the effect of Japaneseââ?¬â?¢s assets and sales on profits with that of the United States. 3. Use alpha equal to 10%, please indicate your

Regression Analysis & Confidence Interval

1. You may recall that at our first class we discussed a data file collected from a graduate survey. At that time we were concerned most with descriptive statistics. The file is GRADSURVEY (attached). An interesting question is whether there are some variables in that data file that can explain or predict anticipated salary in

Calcultion of Regression Analysis

See the attached files. Question 1: Solve Exercise 11.6 (In a certain type of metal test) on page 399 of Walpole textbook. Show all your work. Here is the description of exercise 11.6: In a certain type of metal test specimen, the normal stress on a specimen is known to be functionally related to the shear resistance.

Case #1, 2 and 3

I could really use your help, I have attached the work that I have completed for Case #2 in the word document attached. In case #2 I need help with part "a". The excel spreadsheet provides all of the work that I have done for Case #2 and #3. In Case #3 I need help with "discussing the predictability of productivity from cumu

Analysis of Data with SPSS

Identifying individuals with a high risk of alzheimer's disease usually involves a long series of cognitive tests. However, researchers have developed a 7 minute screen, which is a quick and easy way to accomplish the same goal. The question is whether the 7 minute screen is as effective as the complete series of tests. The addr

Regression Analysis in SPSS: Example Problem

For the following scores, x = 3 8 7 5 7 6 y = 0 10 8 3 7 8 Find the regression equation for predicting y from x and calculate the predicted y value for each x. This problem has to done both by hand and using SPSS (be sure to answer all the questions based on both your hand calculations and your SPSS output) I cannot f

Time Series Forecasting

I am a little confused about this. I have used the regression analysis in excel, but not sure if I did it right and if the scatter plot is correct. My biggest problem is that I need help with writing out the process. I have attached the excel file with the work that I have tried to complete. The following data on the number o

Determinants of Unemployment Duration

Layoffs and unemployment have affected a substantial number of workers in recent years. Assume the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) collected data for 50 displaced workers in the Houston area in September 2011. These data are available on the course website within the ââ?¬Å"Case Studyââ?¬Â? icon. The dependent variable (

find the best predicted braking distance for a car that weighs 4000 lbs.

Need help with this assignment... I am very confused on how to do it. Please show all work and fill out the worksheet below. Thanks! 1. Generate a scatterplot. The variables will be weights of cars (x) and the corresponding braking distances (y). 2. Using the prediction procedure, find the best predicted braking dist

Statistics: Test golf ball distances; soft drink bottling company delivery times

1. A sporting goods manufacturing company wanted to compare the distance traveled by golf balls produced using each of four different designs. Ten balls were manufactured with each design and were brought to the local golf course for the club professional to test. The order in which the balls were hit with the same club from the

Regression Analysis and Correlation Coefficient

Please answer the 11 following questions about the attached problem. Please note that there are 4 attachments for this pb (the table is in two parts). (c) Find the regression coefficients a and b. (d) Place the regression line on the scatter diagram. (e) Give s^2 xy and s xy. (f) Compute the missing predicted values, residua

Regression and ANOVA

6. Shown below is a portion of an Excel output for regression analysis relating Y (dependent variable) and X (independent variable). ANOVA Source df SS Regression 1 110 Residual 8 74 Total 9 184 Coefficients Standard Error t-stat Intercept 39.222 5.943 x -0.5556 0.1611 a. What has been the sample size f

Analysis of variance and regression.

ââ?¬Æ' In order to determine whether or not the sales volume of a company (Y in millions of dollars) is related to advertising expenditures (X1 in millions of dollars) and the number of salespeople (X2), data were gathered for 10 years. Part of the regression results is shown below. Analysis of Variance (incomplete)

Statistics for Beast Buy: Analyze the efficiency of these distribution centers

See attached files. Problem Set 4 You work in the shipping and logistics department for Beast Buy, an American mail order company that specializes in pet food for VERY exotic pets. Beast Buy has four warehouses/distribution centers that provide product to each of four different regions in the US; Atlanta services the south

Applied Statistics for Health Care

What are some situations where regression would be more appropriate than ANOVA? What are a few day-to-day (or work) situations in which regression is used (consciously or not)? For example, instrument calibrations often make use of regression

Multiple regression analysis.

Welcome to the fifth SLP of the course. For this module I am again going to refer you to the data you have been collecting. Answer the following questions in reference to your data. Can you perform a multiple regression analysis with the data you have been collecting without changing that data or adding to it? Why or why

Regression Analysis to Stock Price

See attached data file. Use simple regression to determine the extent to which your stock's closing price can be determined from the closing value of the DJIA. As before, you should include a copy of the data you've collected to date. In your SLP upload, include a screen shot of your Excel output. SLP Assignment Expecta