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Regression Analysis

Forming a Regression Model with Interaction Term

Can you kindly provide answers with a deep explanation? I need it to develop an essay. Thanks a lot! Zagat's publishes restaurant ratings for various locations in the United States. The file RESTRATE.xls contains the Zagat rating for food, decor, service, and the price per person for a sample of 53 restaurants located in New

Multiple Regressions in Excel

Step-by-Step Statistical situation. I have attached information to supplement the problem listed below: Use the 7 predictors which are highlighted to develop a regression model in order to predict income. Explain the logic of the initial model; examine the goodness of fit of the model and present a new model, if required,

Brief Lab Summary

Question 1 Group Statistics HIGHEST YEAR OF SCHOOL COMPLETED N Mean Std. Deviation Std. Error Mean RESPONDENTS INCOME 12 283 12.24 18.415 1.095 16 161 17.57 21.854 1.722 Independent Samples Test Levene's Test for Equality of Variances t-test for Equality of Means F Sig. t df Sig. (2-tailed) Mean Difference Std. Er

PGA Tour Statistics

The Professional Golfers Association (PGA): (refer to attachment for data) The Professional Golfers Association (PGA) maintains data on performance and earnings for members of the PGA Tour. Based on total earnings in PGA Tour events, the top 125 players are exempt for the following season. Making the top 125 money list is impo

Predicting Employee Wages at Southern Textiles

Southern Textiles wishes to predict employee wages by using the employee's experience X1 and the employee's education X2. Employees are categorized as having a college degree or not having a college degree in their personnel files, so the variable "education" is a qualitative variable. Thus, X2 is an indicator (0, 1) variable.

Regression Questions in Housing

1. Taxes (Y) | Age (X) 925 | 1 870 | 2 809 | 4 720 | 4 694 | 5 630 | 8 626 | 10 562 | 10 546 | 12 523 | 15 480 | 20 486 | 22 462 | 25 441 | 25 426 | 30 368 | 35 350 | 40 348 | 50 322 | 50 Is there a quadratic relationship between the age of a single-family house (X) and county taxes (Y)? a) Yes, there

Simple Linear Regression Model and Matrix Notation

See the attached file. Consider the simple linear regression model Yi = Bo + B1Xi + ei(i = ,2,..., n). The model may be written in matrix notation as Y = XB + e. a) Explain the terms Y, X, B and e. b) State the second-order distributional assumptions in matrix notation and then the normal theory assumptions using matrix

Multiple Regression Problem: Mail-order catalogue business.

A mail-order catalog business maintains a warehouse for distribution of products ordered. Management is currently investigating what factors affect distribution costs. Data has been collected for the past 24 months indicating warehouse distribution costs, sales, numbers of orders and average order processing time. See the Excel

Regression Analysis with Correlation Coefficient

You are interested in finding out if a student's ACT score is a good predictor of their final college grade point average (GPA). You have obtained the following data and are going to conduct a regression analysis. What is the best fit to conduct this analysis? ACT | GPA 22.0 | 3.0 32.0 | 3.78 33.0 | 3.68 21.0 | 2.94 27

Completing Regression Analysis Questions

Using the data from the excel spreadsheet I have attached, I need assistance answering the following questions: - When performing a regression analysis, it is important to first identify your independent/predictor variable versus your dependent/response variable, or simply put, your x versus y variables. How do you decide which

Statistics: Box Office Gross and Video Units Sold

Consider the data below, where data are available for 30 movies that indicate the box office gross (in millions of dollars) and the number of units sold (in thousands) of home videos. Use EXCEL/PHStat to produce the print-out to answer the problems 5 to 9. 1. Find the SSE: a) 171499 b) 64154 c) 235654 2. Compute t

Regression Equation Problems

In a regression analysis involving 27 observations, the following estimated regression equation was developed. y = 25.2 + 5.5x1 For this estimated regression equation SST = 1550 and SSE = 520 a. At a = .05, test whether x1 is significant. Suppose that variables x2 and x3 are added to the model and the following regression

Contingecy Table and Logistic Regression

Based on the attached contingency table and the logistic regression determine whether there is a significant association between treatment (tx) and current anxiety disorder (anxiety) by interpreting the logistic regression results. State the statistical findings from the logistic regression that support your conclusion. Inclu

T Test, Linear Equations and linear regression

See the attached file. A statistics student used a computer program to test the null hypothesis H_0: p = .5 against the one-tailed alternative, H_a: p > .5. A sample of 500 observations are input into SPSS, which returns the following results: z = .44, two-tailed p-value = .33. a) The student concludes, based on the p-valu

Using MINITAB, Perform the Regression and Correlation Analysis

Using MINITAB perform the regression and correlation analysis for the data on CREDIT BALANCE (Y) and SIZE (X) by answering the following. 1. Generate a scatterplot for CREDIT BALANCE vs. SIZE, including the graph of the "best fit" line. Interpret. 2. Determine the equation of the "best fit" line, which describes the relationsh

Multiple Regression: Forecasting the Price of Single Family Homes

Purpose of the Project: Forecasting the price of single family homes in the Bowie area, using multiple regression model. Regression Variables: Write the linear multiple regression equation clearly identifying the independent and. dependent variables. HMPRICE= home price-dependent variable NUBEBRM= Number of Bedroom LI

Statistics Problem Set: Multiple Regression Model

14.2 Develop a multiple regression model of the form y = b0 + b^x1E. Using the following data to predict y from x. From a scatter plot and Tukey's ladder of transformation, explore ways to recode the data and develop an alternative regression model. Compare the results. 14.

Statistics Problem Set: U.S. Energy Information

See the attachment. 14.6 What follows is Excel out put from a regression model to predict y using x1, x2, x1^2, x2^2, and the interaction term, x1,x2. Comment on the overall strength of the model and the significance of each predictor. The data follow the Excel output. Develop a regression model with the same independent vari

Multiple Regression Analysis: Average Miles Per Gallon

How does car mileage vary for various car models? Variation in gasoline mileage among makes and models of automobiles is influenced substantially be the weight and horsepower of the vehicle. The date you will analyze is provided by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The variables are: VOL: Cubic feet of cab space H

Minitab Output for a Multiple Regression Analysis

13.6 Jesen, Solberg, and Zorn investigated the relationship of insider ownership, debt, and dividend policies in companies. One of their findings was that firms with high insider ownership choose lower levels of both debt and dividends. Shown here is a sample of data of these three variables for 11 different industries. Use the

Linear Regression and R-Squared Analysis

1. A random sample of size 36 from a normal population yields mean X-bar = 32.8 and standard deviation s = 4.51. Construct a 95 percent confidence interval for μ. (Ch9) 2. Test at α = 0.05, the hypotheses H0: µ= 0.33 versus HA: µ < 0.33 with p = 0.23 and n=100 (Ch10) (show the calculated and critical values of the test stat

Using Regression Equation

MONTH NUMBER OF MOVES NUMBER OF LBS. MATERIAL HANDLING COST January $100 6,000 $2,000 February $125 15,000 $3,090 March $175 7,800

Finding a regression equation

In each case, find the regression equation, letting the first variable be the predictor (x) variable. Find the indicated predicted value by following the prediction procedure. Height of Presidents and Runners-up Find the best predicted heights of runner-up Goldwater, given that the height of the winning presidential candidat

Regression Analysis using Standby Hours

Question: The business problem facing the director of broadcasting operations for a television station was the issue of standby hours (i.e hours in which unionized graphic artists at the station are paid but are not actually involved in any activity) and what factors were related to standby hours. The study included the followin

Pearson Correlation Analysis

Interpret and summarize the Pearson r, coefficient of determination, and p-value from the Pearson correlation analysis attached. Describe the direction and strength of the relationship, and whether you think this is a clinically significant relationship and why. For this question, work on the premise that the assumptions of the