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    Regression Analysis

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    Exponential Smoothing

    I need assistance with assignment. Please provide explanations for solving it. Use exponential smoothing to forecast Augusts' income. Assume that the initial forecast for February is $65,000. The smoothing constant selected is a = 0.1. Month Income ($1000s) February 70.0 March 68.5 April 64.8 May 71.7 June 7

    Find the linear regression for the time series

    Take your data and arrange it in the order you collected it. Count the total number of observations you have, and label this number N. Then create another set of data starting from one and increasing by one until you reach N. For example, if you have 10 observations, then your new set of data would be (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

    Regression Line and Confidence Intervals using R

    See the attached file. The question asks to fit a regression line for an independent variable and its dependent variable response. Data needs to be plotted in R (with code) and regression line. Confidence intervals for different responses is also needed. Here X is the predictor (independent variable), and Y is the respon

    Multiple Regression as Predicting Techniques

    How can multiple regression be used as a predicting (not a forecasting) technique? Are there principles to be wary of when predicting (e.g., the influence of outliers, predicting outside of the range of given values, or extrapolating)?

    Scatter Plots, Pearson's Correlation, Regresssion

    Question 1 Show us a scatterplot between two interval level variables. (Use Excel to chart them.) Are the results bunched together or far apart? Is the relationship linear? Is the relationship non-linear? Is there no apparent relationship between the two variables? Question 2 We use Pearson's correlation coefficie

    Developing the Estimated Regression Line

    Jensen Tire & Auto is in the process of deciding whether to purchase a maintenance contract for its new computer wheel alignment and balancing machine. Managers feel that maintenance expense should be related to usage, and they collected the following information on weekly usage (hours) and annual maintenance expense (in hundred

    Regression Analysis / Standard Deviation : New Car Sales

    1. The data in the excel spreadsheet linked below give the seasonally adjusted value of total new car sales (in millions of dollars) in the United States, total national wage and salary disbursements (referred to here as compensation) (in billion dollars), and the employment level in the non-agricultural sector (in thousands) fo

    Time Series: Checking Accounts.

    The following five years of data shwo the average minimum balance to avoid fees for checking accounts that pay interest. A. Graph the time series. Does a linear trend appear to be present? B. Develop the equation for the linear trend component for the times series. C. Use the trend equation to forecast the minimum avera

    Exponential Smoothing to Forecast a Time Series.

    The following table reports the percentage of stocks in typical portfolio in the nine quarters from 2005-2007. A Use exponential smoothing to forecast this time series. Consider smoothing constants of a=.2, .3 amd .4 What the value of the smoothing constant provides the best forecast. B. What is the forecast of the percen

    Regression Equation Questions

    The National Football League rates prospects by position on a scale that ranges from 5 to 9. The ratings are interpreted as follows: 8-9 should start the first year; 7.0-7.9 should start; 6.0-6.9 will make the team as backup; and 5.0-5.9 can make the club and contribute. The following table shows the position, weight, time in se

    Real time Regression Analysis

    Using the financial ratios, plot the quarterly data and use regression analysis to examine the data by adding a linear trendline to the graphs. Construct graphs and describe the trends for the five ratio categories that are included. Use the following spread sheet (worksheet #2-7) to document your work. Use current information f

    Estimated regression equation for annual return

    The following table gives the annual return, the safety rating (0= riskiest, 10= safer), and the annual expense ratio for 20 foreign funds (Mutual Funds, March 2000). A) Develop an estimated regression equation relating the annual return to the safety rationing and the annual expense ratio. B) Estimate the annual return fo

    Excel Formula for Market Capitalization

    The market capitalization and the salary of the chief executive officer for 20 companies are shown in the following table: See attached file. A. Develop the estimated regression equation that can bee used to predict the CEO salary give the market capitalization. B. The residual analysis to determine whether any outl

    How to Find Out Correlation Coefficient, Regression Equation

    Please help in calculating also just double checking my numbers in the table b) Determine the sample correlation coefficient between age and number of days absent. c) Determine the regression equation using number of days absent as the dependent variable. d) Compute the standard error of the estimate se. Please see attac

    File SAS and conduct a multiple linear regression analysis

    For this assignment, you will use the attached dataset, Airlines_Week_1. You will read the file into SAS and conduct a multiple linear regression analysis. The following steps are necessary to complete this assignment: 1. Read an Excel file into SAS and list the contents of the SAS dataset (Use Proc Contents). Note that th

    Using the Least Squares Method for Regression Analysis

    To the Internal Revenue Service, the reasonableness of total itemized deductions depends on the taxpayer's adjusted gross income. Large deductions, which include charity and medical deductions, are more reasonable for taxpayers with large adjusted gross incomes. If a taxpayer claims larger than average itemized deductions for

    Predict the price of Product X in volume of 150 & 100

    Using the best-fit line below for prediction, answer the following questions: a.) What would you predict the price of Product X in volume of 150 to be (approximately)? b.) What would you predict the price of Product X in volume of 100 to be (approximately)?

    Computing regression analysis in SPSS

    In a study with three treatment groups, A1, A2 and A3, and a control group, C, dummy vectors were constructed as follows: subjects in A1 were identified in D1, those in A2 were identified in D2, and those in A3 were identified in D3. A multiple regression analysis was done in which the dependent variable was regressed on the thr

    Statistics Case Study: Relationship Between Cholesterol and Age

    A family doctor is interested in examining the relationship between a patient's age and total cholesterol. He randomly selects 14 of his female patients and obtains the data presented in the scatter plot, attached. a. Looking at the following scatterplot of the data, what does it tell you about the relationship between A

    Regression Analysis

    Using AIU's survey responses from the AIU data set, complete the following requirements in the form of a 3-page report: TEST #1: Regression Analysis- Benefits & Intrinsic: Perform the following Regression Analysis, using a .05 significance level Run a regression analysis using the BENEFITS column of all data points in th

    I need help with solving the following:

    Part I: Actuarial Model (Questions 1-12) An actuary wanted to develop a model to predict how long individuals will live. After consulting a number of physicians, she collected the age at death (y), the average number of hours of exercise per week (x1), the cholesterol level (x2), and the number of points that the individual'

    In 2009, the New York Yankees won 103 baseball games during the regular season. The table on the next page lists the number of victories (W), the earnedrun- average (ERA), and the batting average (AVG) of each team in the American League. The ERA is one measure of the effectiveness of the pitching staff, and a lower number is better. The batting average is one measure of effectiveness of the hitters, and a higher number is better.

    In 2009, the New York Yankees won 103 baseball games during the regular season. The table on the next page lists the number of victories (W), the earnedrun- average (ERA), and the batting average (AVG) of each team in the American League. The ERA is one measure of the effectiveness of the pitching staff, and a lower number

    Correlation analysis of book height and weight

    Below are the height and width of 10 random books. 1) Is there a correlation between height and width? 2) If so, what is the correlation coefficient? 3) What is the equation of the correlation line? 10" x 8" 8" x 6" 6" x 9" 12"x 15" 5"x"7 7"x10" 5.5" x 8" 6"x 9" 7" x10"