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    Find scatter plot, regression and correlation coefficient

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    Question 1
    Show us a scatterplot between two interval level variables. (Use Excel to chart them.) Are the results bunched together or far apart? Is the relationship linear? Is the relationship non-linear? Is there no apparent relationship between the two variables?

    Question 2
    We use Pearson's correlation coefficient as a measure of association between 2 continuous variables. Give some examples of where two concepts (variables) are correlated, but this does not imply a causal relationship between the two. Can there be a causal relationship between two items but no correlation?

    Question 3
    Find a study with regression in it. Report on the model (the regression coefficient and the R-squared) and interpret the results. By how much does the dependent variable change for a one-unit change in the independent variable? Is the coefficient significant (i.e., is its t-score close to 2 or above, or does it have a p-value less than .05)?

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