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seemingly unrelated regression (SUR) Analysis in SAS

For this assignment, you will use the attached dataset, Grun. You will read the file into SAS and conduct seemingly unrelated regression (SUR) Analysis.
The following steps are necessary to complete this assignment:

1. Read an Excel file into SAS and list the contents of the SAS dataset (Use Proc Contents). Note that there are no missing values in the dataset.
2. Year is the recorded year, Firm is the firm ID, I is gross investment from Moody's Industrial Manual and annual reports of corporations, F is the value of the firm from Bank and Quotation Record and Moody's Industrial Manual, and C is the stock of plant and equipment from Survey of Current Business. Your objective this session is to explore the method and concept of seemingly unrelated regression analysis by analyzing this dataset. Use the following steps to analyze the data. You may use your own analysis steps as well.
a. Use Proc Reg to study the relationship between I, the dependent variable, and the independent variables F and C. Note that you are ignoring the Firms.
b. Conduct the analysis in Step a for each firm separately.
c. Conduct a seemingly unrelated regression (SUR) analysis by using Proc Syslin


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