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    Regression Analysis / Standard Deviation : New Car Sales

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    1. The data in the excel spreadsheet linked below give the seasonally adjusted value of total new car sales (in millions of dollars) in the United States, total national wage and salary disbursements (referred to here as compensation) (in billion dollars), and the employment level in the non-agricultural sector (in thousands) for 44 consecutive quarters. An auto industry executive wants to know how well she can predict new car sales two quarters in advance using the current quarter's compensation data.

    How many data points can she use in a regression analysis using the data provided?


    2. For a given set of data, the standard deviation measures:

    a) The difference between the mean and the data point farthest from the mean
    b) The difference between the mean and the data point nearest to the mean
    c) The different between the mean and the media
    d) None of the above

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