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    Regression Analysis for Apple Inc.

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    Using the financial ratios, plot the quarterly data and use regression analysis to examine the data by adding a linear trendline to the graphs. Construct graphs and describe the trends for the five ratio categories that are included. Use the following spread sheet (worksheet #2-7) to document your work. Use current information from Apple, Inc through their investors website to document your work. Use another worksheet or Microsoft Word for your regression graphs and trend analysis for each category. Use Q2FY11-Q4FY11 and Q1FY12 for your analysis.

    Hints: Information on worksheets #2-7 needs to be modified but keep in this format. Google "Apple Investor". Once at the website and click on "Request Info" for quarterly info.

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    The data in the spreadsheet were based on the Apple Inc. Condensed Consolidated Statements.

    The graphing capability of the spreadsheet software was ...

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    This solutions contains Apple Inc. Condensed Consolidated Statements with liquidity, asset, profitability and Debt ratios. The ratios, graph and trendline/regression analysis are contained in a single spreadsheet file.