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Regression Analysis with Correlation Coefficient

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You are interested in finding out if a student's ACT score is a good predictor of their final college grade point average (GPA). You have obtained the following data and are going to conduct a regression analysis. What is the best fit to conduct this analysis?
22.0 | 3.0
32.0 | 3.78
33.0 | 3.68
21.0 | 2.94
27.0 | 3.38
25.0 | 3.21
30.0 | 3.65
a) What is the R? What type of relationship does it indicate (strong/weak; positive/negative)?
b) Go to the coefficients readout. The constant is the intercept. Under that is the ACT and that is the slope. Using the straight line formula of Y = mx + b, you will now predict some future GPA scores: In the formula (m) is the slope; (x) is the variable that you are looking to use as a predictor; and (b) is the intercept. Predict GPA from the following ACT scores using the regression equation/straight line formula (show all your work):

1) 20
2) 25
3) 34

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Solution Summary

A step by step explanation of the correlation coefficient r and the linear regression line for the best fit of y (the dependent variable) with respect to x (the predictor or independent variable) using a real example excel analysis. The linear regression line is also used to predict values for y.

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