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    SPSS- Correlation Assignments

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    Hi Martin!
    I have updated this assignment with the correct data set. I also sent you a message requesting that the first assignment be changed with this data set as well. I did not realize I had sent you the incorrect data set. I am so sorry. I have been working too much, and trying to do way too much. Again, I apologize for the inconvience, but I will make it up to you in the end credits (payment). Please help with this, as I need both for today, in time so I can turn in before midnight. Can you please help???

    Here is the next set of data I will need your help with in SPSS dealing with the correlation between pretereatment anxiety, and depression scores. Please use the same data that I sent in the last assignment/posting and save it also in an SPSS doc. I will send it again, just in case. Also, please do a short two sentence write up interpreting the results in a quick Word doc. Thanks so much for your help! Please see attached file. Thanks again!

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    I am attaching the Word Doc and SPSS files to help you with your assignment. With SPSS, I conducted three correlation analyses as well as two linear regressions, ...

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