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Regression Analysis

Auto manufacturer tests to investigate price and age depreciation of car models

1. An auto manufacturing company wanted to investigate how the price of one of its car models depreciates with age. The research department at the company took a sample of eight cars of this model and collected the following information on the ages (in years) and prices (in hundreds of dollars) of these cars. Age (x) 8 3 6 9

Find auto-regressive parameters and their significance with multiple choice answers. When fitting a third-order autoregressive model to the DJIA, what is A3? When testing for the significance of the third-order autoregressive parameter with  = 0.05, can A3 be deleted? When applied an exponential trend model to this data, provide the annual forecast of the DJIA for 2006?

See attached data as an excel spread sheet. INFORMATION 14 The data in DJIA.XLS (CD-> browse->Excel_Data_Files) represent the closing value of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) over the 27-year period 1979 through 2005. See Problem 16.29 (p.675). Using EXCEL or PHStat2, answer the following: 1. When fitting a thir

ANOVA: Job Standardization and Increasing Citizenship Behaviour

See attached files. Attached is the article I chose for the report (PDF File). If the article does not have the information required to complete the ANOVA process, there is an excel file ("Data Set and Data Key") that has data to complete this process (this is referenced in the "project" portion of the message below as the AI

Variation in regression line and coefficient of determination

Problems 1, 3 1. Use the graph below to describe the total variation about a regression line in words and in symbols. This is the answer from the book, but how? S(yi - y)2; the sum of the squares of the differences between the y-values of each ordered pair and the mean of the y-values of the ordered pairs. 3 Use the

Philip Morris vs the market: Inference for Regression - Involving Minitab

Philip Morris Versus the Market. The table (see Minitab attachment) shows the monthly returns on the common stock of Philip Morris (MO), as the company was then named, and the returns on the Standard & Poor's 500 stock index for the same months. Return is measured in percent. The data are for 83 consecutive months running from

A brokerage house wants to predict the number of trade executions per day

See data file attached. A brokerage house wants to predict the number of trade executions per day, using the number of incoming phone calls as a predictor variable. Data were collected over a period of 35 days and are stored in the file trades.xls. a. Use the least-squares method to compute the regression coefficients b0

Multiple regression: quality of life

A psychologist studying perceived 'quality of life' in a large number of cities (N=150) came up with the following equation using mean temperature (Temp), median income in $1000 (Income), per capita expenditure on social services (SocSer), and population density (Popul) as predictors. Y= 5.37-0.01Temp+ 0.05Income + 0.003SocSe

Explain the concept of dependent and independent variables

In business, investors are always interested in the tradeoff between returns and risk. Regression analysis is a statistical technique that can be used to quantify this risk. Explain the concept of dependent and independent variables in terms of a business performance indicator e.g. stock price, profits, etc., clearly stating th

Statistics Analysis and Efficiency Tests

The U.S. Navy selected 16 hospitals that it believes to be efficiently run and conducted a regression analysis to evaluate the performance of its hospitals in terms of how many labor hours are used relative to how many labor hours are needed. The variables assigned for this analysis are: y = monthly labor hours required x1

Indirect Relationships

Now that warm weather is finally upon us (or at least in some parts of the country), is there a possible relationship between crime rates and ice cream sales? In the world of regression analysis, this is called an indirect relationship. As there is no direct correlation between the 2 variables. However, what if you identifi

Convert Summer Historical Inventory Data To An Index: Time Series Forecast

I. Convert the Summer Historical Inventory Data into an index II. Use the time series data from the converted index to forecast the inventory data for the next year III. Graph of choice Time Series. A Time series is a sequence of measurements, typically taken at successive points in time. Time series analysis includes

Research and Evaluation: Problems 12.48, 12.50, 13.30, 13.32, 14.16

See attachment for problems 1. (a) How does correlation analysis differ from regression analysis? (b) What does a correlation coefficient reveal? (c) State the quick rule for a significant correlation and explain its limitations. (d) What sums are needed to calculate a correlation coefficient?

Regression Modeling to predict time it takes to process invoices for large bank

See attached data file. The manager of the purchasing department of a large banking organization would like to develop a model to predict the amount of time it takes to process invoices. Data are collected from a sample of 30 days, and the number of invoices processed and completion time, in hours, is stored in the file invoi

The Purpose of Using Regression Analysis

What is the purpose of using regression analysis? How may it be used to formulate strategies? Provide examples related to strategy formulation and implemenation. How is regression analysis used in forecasting? Provide examples.

Bio-Statistics: Multiple Regression Analysis

1. Consider the data shown in this table measured in a sample of n=25 undergraduates in an on-campus survey of health behaviors. Enter the data into an excel worksheet for analysis. 2. Estimate the multiple linear regression equation relating number of cups of coffee per week, female gender, and number of hours of exercise pe

Regression: Data Point Table

The data table below tabulates a Pizza Parlor's advertising expenditures and sales for 8 consecutive quarters. The marketing manager wants to know how much of an impact current advertising will have on sales two quarters from now. When running a regression with the dependent variable "Sales" and the independent variable "A

Develop a regression model for movie demand

I have also attached a sample xls file that contains the 5 steps referred to in the word doc. The data is located in the movie.xls file. Develop a regression model for movie demand. Follow the five steps outlined in the sample XLS file. ? Accomplish a correlation table and scatter plots with trend lines of all of the varia

Forecasting (moving average/ exponential smoothing) problems

Q17.26 (pp661). The dean of a law school has developed a regression equation for estimating the starting salary (thousands of dollars) of a new graduate on the basis of two independent variables: x1 = the score on the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) at the time of the application, and x2

Regression Analysis for Alzheimer's Disease Data

Problem 15 in Chapter 16 described a study examining the effectiveness of a 7-Minute Screen test for Alzheimer's disease. The study evaluated the relationship between scores from the 7-Minute Screen and scores for the same patients form a set of cognitive exams that are typically used to test for Alzheimer's disease. For a sampl

5 Problems: Chi-Square, Regression, Regression Equation & Relation, etc...

In preparation for my final in two weeks, I have this set of study problems. In order to ensure I am working these correctly, I have created problems based of study problems and wish to compare work. Please complete the problems, show solutions in excel if applicable and explain. I really need to understand the concept as the

Pearson Product-Moment Correlation and Hypothesis Test

A woman was interested in the relationship between the pollen count and the severity of her allergy symptoms. She developed a questionnaire that measured the severity of her symptoms with higher scores indicating worse allergy symptoms. She filled out and scored the questionnaire on 14 randomly selected days. She also had a frie

This part of the quote, "The formulation of a problem is far more often essential than its solution, which may be merely a matter of mathematical or experimental skill" illustrates the following which I want you to expand on: 1) Planning and Designing is often the most important step of s research process. The way you design and collect your data is more important than the analysis of the data and subsequent interpretation of the result of the analyses.

This part of the quote, "The formulation of a problem is far more often essential than its solution, which may be merely a matter of mathematical or experimental skill" illustrates the following which I want you to expand on: 1) Planning and Designing is often the most important step of s research process. The way you design