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    Regression Analysis

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    The Abalone Fancy Fish Company sells exotic fish to high end restaurants throughout the West Coast. The sales manager wants to determine what, if any, relationship exists between the pounds/week of fish sold by 24 sales persons and the length of time (in years) the sales person has been with the company.

    Attached is the MegaStat regression output. The dependent variable is Sales (in pounds/week) and the independent variable is Experience (in years).

    Standard Error =
    Round your final answer to three decimal places.

    Interpretation of the Standard Error:

    A. This tells us how much sales will increase for each additional year of experience of a sales person.

    B. This tells us the mean sales we should expect for any given number of years of experience.

    C. This is a measure of how much the observed sales values vary from the predicted values

    D. This tells us how much we should expect the years of experience to decline for each increase in sales of 103.431 pounds.

    E. This value has no practical importance.

    Please select the correct answer: A, B, C, D or E

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