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Regression Analysis


Problem 1 Consider the following prices and accuracy ratings for 27 stereo speakers. (a) Make a scatter plot of accuracy rating as a function of price. (b) Calculate the correlation coefficient. At ? = .05, does the correlation differ from zero? (c) In your own words, describe the scatter plot. (Data are from Consumer Rep

Econometrics problem: Hourly Earnings and Unemployment Rate

See attached files. The excel document is the data needed for the question and the other 3 uploads are the references to the question in the problem: Hourly Earnings and Unemployment Rate Complete Problem 5.29 of Chapter 5. 5.29. Refer to Example 5.6 in the chapter. It was shown that the percentage change in the ind

Econometrics: Using CPI data, plot a scattergram and analyze

See the attached file forthe formula. Econometrics 2.12 Table 2-9 gives data on the Consumer Price Index (CPI) for all items (1982-1984=100) and the Standard & Poor's (S&P) index of 500 common stock prices (base of index: 1941-1943=10). Complete letters a through e in the questions that follow the table. Table 2-9

Statistics: Process 3 simple regressions analyzes with trendline graph

See attached data file. Prepare a report using Excel as your processing tool to process 3 simple regression analyses. Create a graph with the trendline displayed for each of the 3 different regressions. First run a regression analysis using the BENEFITS column of all data points in the AIU data set as the independent vari

Regression Analysis for US Navy's 16 selected hospitals

See attached file the Megastat output. The U.S. Navy selected 16 hospitals that it believes to be efficiently run and conducted a regression analysis to evaluate the performance of its hospitals in terms of how many labor hours are used relative to how many labor hours are needed. The variables assigned for this analysis are

Perform a correlation analysis

Perform a correlation analysis on the following for Angela's dishwashing. Angela wants to know if there is a correlation between the amount of time spent washing dishes and the number of wash cycles cleaned. She decided to keep track of the time she spent in the kitchen each week pre-rinsing dishes and loading them into the

Forecasting methods: simple moving average, weighted, exponential smoothing

Ch. 13, 14, & 16 of Operations Management for Competitive Advantage. Chapter 13: a. From the choice of simple moving average, weighted moving average, exponential smoothing, and linear regression analysis, which forecasting technique would you consider the most accurate? Why? b. Complete Problem 17 - be sure to sho

Example of Bivariate Regression

There is bivariate regression and multiple regression. Provide a business example that you can apply regression to. State the null and alternative hypothesis using the appropriate phrasing for the type of regression chosen.

Time Series Forecasting methods

Which of the following time series forecasting methods would not be used to forecast seasonal data? Dummy variable regression, Simple exponential smoothing, Time series decompostion or Multiplicative Winters' method

Statistic Study Discussion Questions: Chapter 16 and 17l

See attached file for clarity. Study Discussion Questions for final Problem Set 2: Chapter 16 and 17 Chapter 16 2. What information is provided by the numerical value of the Pearson correlation? The numerical value of the Pearson correlation indicates how well the data points fit a straight line. And the value of 1.0

Multiple Regression Diagnostics for beginning salary

See attached data file. Using the salary.sav data file found in SPSS/PASW, predict the natural log of beginning salary from gender, education level, work experience, and minority status (variables sex, ed level, work, and minority). Save the leverages, Studentized residuals, standardized changes in the regression coefficient

Statistics Multiple regression analysis: Yearly income using GPA, age, gender

31.) A multiple regression analysis between yearly income (Y in $1,000s), college grade point average (X1), age of the individuals (X2), and the gender of the individual (X3; zero representing female and one representing male) was performed on a sample of 10 people, and the following results were obtained. Coefficients

Simple Linear Regression Relationship Between X and Y

Simple linear regression relationship between x and y. If s = 400.2546 Sse = 3043870.432 B0 = 2082.0153 B1 = 35.2877 Sb0 = 159.1070 Sb1 =7.6767 T= 4.5967 Is there a significant relationship between x and y? Describe the exact nature of any relationship that exists between x and y (estimate by a point estimate and

Calculate the Regression Line for Appetizer: purchasing food v restaurants

You are a manager with Appetizer. The company owns a chain of restaurants in the United States. Appetizer is looking for an opportunity to expand. As part of a market analysis, you have to send a handout in a Word document to the COO of the company, exploring the relationship between the expenditure by people on purchasing food

Statistics: Student absences vs final grade using a linear regression equation

A statistics instructor, wishes to study the relationship between the number of absences students have and their final course grades. The data obtained for o randomly selected statistics students is given below:... (Please see attached files) (a) Find the equation of the linear regression line. (b) What is the predicted final

Final Questions: 13 Statistics problems

1. Routine physical examinations are conducted annually as part of a health service program for the employees. It was discovered that 8% of the employees needed corrective shoes, 15% needed major dental work and 3% needed both corrective shoes and major dental work. What is the probability that an employee selected at random wil

Interpret Statistical Measures

5. The city council of Pine Bluffs is considering increasing the number of police in an effort to reduce crime. Before making a final decision, the council asks the chief of police to survey other cities of similar size to determine the relationship between the number of police and the number of crimes reported. The chief gather

Trend lines for yearly data for advertising amounts for large toy company

Please see the attached file. Trend lines for yearly data The following time series data represent the quarterly amounts spent on advertising (in millions of dollars) by a large toy company (read across): Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4 16.3 14.6 15.8 14.3 16.8 14.1 16.0 15.2 16.4 15.4 14.2 14.6 17.4 15.6 16.6

Correlation Coefficient and Linear Regression

The following scatter plot shows the relationship between annual income and the amount of life insurance a family may take. Both variables are in thousands of dollars. Based on the scatter plot, do you believe there is a positive or negative linear relationship between the two variables? Do you expect the correlation coefficient

Interpreting the Slope of the Linear Regression Line

Interpreting the Slope of the Linear Regression Line Provide an interpretation in a single sentence that includes the following information: 1. It tells you what the variables are 2. It lets you know whether the dependent variable increases or decreases as the independent variable increases 3. It tells you how muc

Regression Analysis to forecast point for Swanson to build out top two floors

Use regression analysis to forecast the point at which Swanson needs to "build out" the top two floors of the new building, namely, when demand will exceed 16,000 births. Since opening day in 1989 the Arnold Palmer Hospital has experienced an explosive growth in demand for its services. One of only six hospitals in the U.S.

Regression model of 30 observations: Is the model significant?

In a regression model involving 30 observations, the following estimated regression equation was obtained: Y(hat) = 17 + 4X1 - 3X2 + 8X3 + 8X4 For this model SSR = 700 and SSE = 100. The coefficient of determination for the above model is approximately A. -0.875 B. 0.875 C. 0.125 D. 0.144 The c