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Regression Analysis

Regression Analysis in a Business Decision

Give an example of how regression analysis can be used in your work to make a business decision. Give the dependent and independent variables. Make up data and compute the regression equation. Is it significant at the .05 level?

Regression Hypothesis Testing

The hypothesis statement is that there is a relationship between league salaries and the number of wins. Perform a regression hypothesis test on the data - with graphs and tables in Excel. Interpret the results of the regression hypothesis test. I am attaching a spreadsheet with the data sets that contain the wins and the sal

ANOVA tables for regression

13.3 Refer to the ANOVA table for this regression. (a) State the degrees of freedom for the F test for overall significance. (b) Use Appendix F to look up the critical value of F for α = .05. (c) Calculate the F statistic. Is the regression significant overall? (d) Calculate R2 and R2 adj, showing your formulas clearly.

Regression Estimates using Megastat

Instructions for Exercises 12.25-12.27: (a) Use Excel's Tools > Data Analysis > Regression (or MegaStat or MINITAB) to obtain regression estimates. (b) Interpret the 95 percent confidence interval for the slope. Does it contain zero? (c) Interpret the t test for the slope and its p-value. (d) Interpret the F statistic. (e) Ve

Correlation analysis in Megastat

Instructions for Exercises 12.4-12.6: (a) Make a scatter plot of the data. What does it suggest about the correlation between X and Y? (b) Use Excel, MegaStat, or MINITAB to calculate the correlation coefficient. (c) Use Excel or Appendix D to find t.05 for a two-tailed test. (d) Calculate the t test statistic. (e) Calculate

Advanced Demand Analysis for Managers

Please see attached document with discussion questions and integrating problem. Valerie Smith Managerial Economics 18 January 2009 CHPT 3 AND 4 Chapter 3 question #11 on page 127 11. Suppose that the cross-price elasticity of demand between McIntosch and Golden Delicious apples is 0.8, between apples and apple juice i

Reading a graph and interpreting a regression equation.

Interpret the attached graph. 2. Using the graph below, discuss how well you believe the model represents the data. Discuss the impact of that data point that appears at (5000, 3250). What would happen to the line if that point had been at (5000, 1000)? How would that impact the interpretation of the line of regression?

Linear Trend

Fit a linear trend equation to the following data describing average hourly earnings of US production workers. What is the trend estimate for 2010? Year: 2001 2002 2003 2004 Average Hourly Earnings: $14.53 $14.95 $15.35 $15.67 2. The following date show residential and commercial

Multiple and Partial Regression Analysis

For the multiple regression equation y = 100 + 20x1 + 3x2 + 120x3: a. Identify the y-intercept and partial regression coefficients. b. If x1 = 12, x2 = 5, and x3 = 10, what is the estimated value of y? c. If x3 were to increase by 4, what change would be necessary in x2 in order for the estimated value of y to remain uncha

Data Least Squares Regression Calculation

For a set of data, the total variation or sum of squares for y is SST - 143.0 and the error sum of squares is SSE = 24.0. What proportion of the variation in y is explained by the regression equation? 2. A. Determine the least squares regression line and calculate r. B. What proportion of the variability in steel

Regression hypothesis test

Major League Baseball Data Set. Stolen Bases verses Team wins. I need to create a simple linear regression line in excel. SB Wins 45 95.0 84 95.0 31 88.0 83 74.0 161 95.0 62 93.0 137 99.0 72 80.0 102 83.0 151 67.0 67 79.0 66 71.0 102 69.0 53 56.0 92 90.0 67 77.0 115 89.0 72 73.0 153 83.0 73 67.0 58 71.0

Regression analysis for oxygen consumption in R.

Data is from a study carried out at NC State University in order to determine the relationship between oxygen consumption, a measure of aerobic fitness, and several other variables related to physical fitness among n=31 runners.

Descriptive Statistics, Regression Analysis, and Prediction

1) Using the Water use data set (under Course Materials Forum) analyze the data using Excel, MegaStat or whatever statistical software you prefer and report in proper statistical form/jargon about the dataset. (See attached) 2) Using the Water use data set analyze the data using Excel, MegaStat or whatever statistical softwa

Equation of the Regression Line

Nancy Giggles has not been doing well on statistics examinations. She decides to sample 12 of her friends to determine the number of hours spent studying for Test 3 and the score out of 100 received on that test. The results: Test 4 Score Hours of study 47 7 55 10 87 39 98 43 37 2 71 12 100 51 98 48 85 23 82 26

Linear regression problem

In a study of foreign holdings in the U.S. banks, year-end share of assets in U.S. bank subsidiaries held by foreigners (as a percentage of total assets) was related to: X1 = Annual change, in billions of dollars, in foreign direct investment in the U.S. (excluding finance, insurance, and real estate); X2 = Bank price-earn

Data Set

Perform a regression hypothesis test on the data. It is base on Literacy, Unemployment, and Life Expectancy.

Bivariate regression model and caveats

1 (a) What is a bivariate regression model? Must it be linear? (b) State three caveats about regression. (c) What does the random error component in a regression model represent? (d) What is the difference between a regression residual and the true random error? 2. (a) Explain how you fit a regression to an Excel scatter plot.

Regression Analysis of Professor Salaries

See the attached file. Question 1 - 5 1992-1993 Salary data for a sample of 15 universities was obtained. We are curious about the relationship between mean salaries for assistant professors (junior faculty) and full professors (senior faculty) at a given university. IN particular, do universities pay (relatively) high sala

Create a scatterplot of the data and interpret the regression equation

For a sample of 100 employees, a personnel director has collected data on x = the number of years an employee has been with the firma dn y = the number of shares of company stock the employee owns. With the following information: a. Generate a scatter diagram that includes the best fit linear equation for these data. b. Doe

Business Algebra

2-3 PAGES WITH EXCEL GRAPHS. SEE ATTACHED FILE. Use the Cartesian coordinate system to find the distance between two points; illustrate linear functions and their relationship to business, economics, social science, etc., and find the intersection of two lines. Great news! ABC Advertising has called you in for an interview

Time Series Forecasting using exponential smoothing.

Need help with the attached problem. Please provide solution and explanation in EXCEL format. ============================================================= Problem #7.6 Following are time-series data for nine time periods. Use exponential smoothing with constraints of .3 and .7 to forecast time periods 3 through 9. Let t

Statistics - Interpreting Regression Output

A researcher used stepwise regression to create regression models to predict BirthRate (births per 1,000) using five predictors: LifeExp (life expectancy in years), InfMort (infant mortality rate), Density (population density per square kilometer), GDPCap (Gross Domestic Product per capita), and Literate (literacy percent). Inte

Statistics: Understanding Regression Analyses

Question 1: In the following regression, X = weekly pay, Y = income tax withheld, and n = 35 McDonald's employees. (a) Write the fitted regression equation. (b) State the degrees of freedom for a two- tailed test for zero slope, and use Appendix D to find the critical value at £ = .05. (c) What is your conclusion about the

Understanding regression output and hypothesis testing.

In Hawaii, condemnation proceedings are underway to enable private citizens to own the property that their homes are built on. Until recently, homeowners leased the land from the estate. In order to comply with the new law, a large Hawaiian estate wants to use regression analysis to estimate the fair market value of the land. Ea

Regression analysis and 5-Step Hypothesis Test

1. Perform a regression analysis and show the scatter plot of data with the regression line superimposed. 2. Discuss the import of the following statistics: a. Correlation coefficient b. Coefficient of determination c. Slope and intercept of the regression equation 3. Create a 5-Step Hypothesis test.

Basic Business Statistics regression and correlation

1. In a simple linear regression problem, r and b1: a. may have opposite signs. b. must have the same sign. c. must hae opposite signs. d. are equal 2. A professor of industrial relations believes that an individual's wage rae at a factory (Y) depends on his performance rating (X1) and the number of economics courses th

Understanding variability and R^2 in regression results.

The following Excel tables are obtained when "Score received on an exam (measured in percentage points)" (Y) is regressed on "percentage attendance" (X) for 22 students in a Statistics for Business and Economics course. -------------------------------- Regression Statistics -------------------------------- Multiple R