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    ANOVA:Two-Factor Without Replication and Regression Analysis

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    Question 1:

    A manufacturing company designed an experiment to determine whether the number of days necessary to develop a new product depends on whether the development processes were performed sequentially or simultaneously (the method of development). Because the duration of development would depend on whether the new product is a breakthrough idea or not (the type of product), the product type was treated as a block in the experiment.
    To test whether or not there were significant differences between the methods of development (sequential versus simultaneous), an ANOVA analysis was formed and the following table was constructed (please refer to the attached file).

    a.Is there a difference in the mean number of days of product development between the sequential and the simultaneous method? Explain.
    b.Does the type of product under development (breakthrough vs. non-breakthrough) affect the mean number of days of product development? Explain.

    Question 2:

    A business professor knows that many students stay up late several nights before a midterm exam in order to 'cram' for the exam. Once the exam is over, she asks students to indicate the average hours of sleep they had over the previous four days. Based on an 'average' nights sleep of 7 hours, she then calculates a 'sleep deprivation' index for each student and plots it against their midterm exam grade these were her findings (please refer to the attached file).

    a.Calculate the Y-intercept and the slope.
    b.On the way to the exam, Jody mentions to the professor that she had only 4 hours sleep each night for the past 4 nights (a sleep deprivation score of 12). Predict Jody's midterm exam score.

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    The solution provides step by step method for performing ANOVA analysis (Two-Factor Without Replication) and Regression Analysis in Excel. Formula for the calculation and Interpretations of the results are also included.