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Regression Analysis

Correlation regression/determination

The city council of Pine Bluffs is considering increasing the number of police in an effort to reduce crime. Before making a final decision, the council asks the Chief of Police to survey other cities of similar size to determine the relationship between the number of police and the number of crimes reported. The Chief gathered

Distribution and Regression of House Selling Price

The following data given the selling price, square footage, number of bedrooms and age of houses that have been sold in a neighborhood last year .You are asked to analyze these data, using the Data Analysis tool in Excel, and produce a summary report that will answer the following questions: 1. Consider the selling price, summa


The coefficient of correlation was computed to be -0.60. This means a. the coefficient of determination is . b. as X increase Y decreases. c. X and Y are both 0. d. as X decreases Y decreases. Which of the following is a stronger

Scatter diagram, coefficient of correlation, coefficient of determination

Tem Rousos, president of Rousos Ford, believes there is a relationship between the number of new cars sold and the number of sales people on duty. To investigate he selects a sample of eight weeks and determines the number of new cars sold and the number of sales people on duty for that week. Week Sales staff Cars so

Multiple logistic regression in SPSS

Question 2: Multiple logistic regression The model presented below is an extension of the simple logistic model above, except that there are now two predictors of 'expire': 'blunt' and 'iss.' ISS is a continuous variable that is a measure of trauma severity. Case Processing Summary Unweighted Cases N Percent Sel

Least Squares Trend Equation - Regression Analysis

Please help with the following problem. The amounts spent in vending machines in the United States, in billions of dollars, for the years 1999 through 2003 are given below. Determine the least squares trend equation. Year Code X Vending Machine Sales ($ billions) Y 1999 1 17.5

Correlation analysis in SPSS

For 1, 2, and 3 a) explain which test is appropriate and why b) interpret the results in classical hypothesis testing language c) and explain what the confidence interval means. 1. A drug-addled gas-bag, rightwing radio talk show host (who believes he understands testing) says that anybody can score at least 25 points on

Regression analysis in Megastat

Can you predict the number of touchdowns from the following variables: attempts, yards, and yards per game? a)Develop a correlation matrix for the 3 predictor variables, do you suspect multicolinarity? b)What is your multiple regression equation, is it significant? c)Predict the number of touchdowns for a back

Regression for effect of sack yardage on quarterback rating.

Analyze the effect of sack yardage has on quarterback rating. a)Does the sack yardage predict the QB rating? b)What is the regression equation and is this a significant equation? c)What is your prediction for the QB rating of a quarterback that has 300 sack yards? Player sack y

Time series model for unemployment rate

Time Series Analysis THE FOLLOWING TIME SERIES DATA REPRESENTS THE MEAN YEARLY US UNEMPLOYMENT RATE BETWEEN JANUARY 1981 AND OCTOBER 2008 (OBTAINED FROM THE U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS): Year U.S. Unemployment Rate (%) 1981 7.62 1982 9.71 1983 9.60 1984 7.51 1985 7.19 1986 7.00 1987 6.18 1988 5.49 1989 5.26

Calculation of moving average in Megastat

A woman got a job at a starting salary of $35,000 a year. If she received an 8% raise on each additional year, how much would her salary be at the beginning of the tenth year? Use future-value method [ŷ = C * (1 + r)t-1 ] where 'C' is the base value, "r" stands for rate of increase and 't' stands for time. Show your work.

Linear Regression Analysis on Education and Wages

From the following data set, develop a research question and formulate a hypothesis that can be tested with linear regression analysis. Education Years Wage $ 6 11186 12 20852 12 10997 17 14476 8 13787 16 19452 12 16667 12 15234 12 39888 18 13162 18 20793 16 19284 17 13481 11 16789 14 11702 12 11451 16 3335

Bivariate Data

Bivariate data obtained for the paired variables x and y are shown below, in the table labelled "Sample Data". These data are plotted in the scatter plot (not shown), which also displays the least-squares regression line for the data. The equation for this line is ^y=1.86 + 0.48x. In the "Calculations" table are calculations

Least squares regression

The Cadet is a popular model of sport utility vehicle, known for its relatively high resale value. The bivariate data given below were taken from a sample of fifteen Cadets, each bought "new" two years ago and each sold "used" within the past month. For each Cadet in the sample, we have listed both the mileage, (in thousands of

Regression Analysis using Megastat

Can you please show step-by-step how to use Megastat in Excel to solve this problem? (I need to see what options should be selected to run the regression analysis, interpret the results of those options and the analysis outcome). Thank you. Analyze the effect of sack yardage has on quarterback rating. a) Does the sack yar

Regression model

Using the spreadsheet (please use excel for calculations) 1. Use these data to develop an equation that can be used to predict the infant mortality rate. Justify your equation. 2. Are there and outliers? If so, what happens if you omit them? Should they be omitted? 3. Interpret the coefficients in your equation. 4.

Analyzing the Multiple Regression Rule

Multiple Regression Model Suppose a large consumer product company wants to measure the effectiveness of different types of advertising media in the promotion of its products. Specifically, two types of advertising media are to be considered: (1) radio and TV advertising, and (2) newspaper advertising including the cost of d

Multiple Regression of Lumber Prices and Number of Housing

Using this sample problem, compute the multiple regression formula using the interest rates, lumber prices, and number of housing starts provided below. Once you have computed the multiple regression formula answer the following questions. Using this sample problem, compute the multiple regression formula using the int

Multiple Regression

The estimated regression equation for a model involving two independent variables and 10 observations follows. a. Interpret b1 and b2 in this estimated regression equation. b1 b2 b. Estimate y when x1 = 180 and x2 = 310 (to 3 decimals). {Exercise 15.05} Use computer software packages, such as Minitab or

Simple Linear regression analysis

1) Technological advances helped make inflatable paddlecraft suitable for backcountry use. These blow-up rubber boats, which can be rolled into a bundle not much bigger than a golf bag, are large enough to accommodate one or two paddlers and their camping gear. Canoe & Kayak magazine tested boats from nine manufacturers to deter

Cost apportionment through regression and high-low method

Study Appendix 3. Richard Ellis, the director of cost operations of American Micro devices, wishes to develop an accurate cost function to explain and predict support costs in the companys printed circuit board assembly operation. Mr. Ellis is concerned that the cost function that he currently uses based on direct labor co

Correlation and regression analysis :MAT 300

Regression: Using the height and weight of five people as listed below. Height (inches) 67 66 66 62 63 Weight 148 173 131 123 115 Step 1: Calculate correlation coefficient (r) between height and weight. Step 2: Determine if a significant linear correlation exists between height and weight. Step 3: Find predicted valu


What does the symbol n ∑ Xi i =1 mean? Please provide an example. The following sample observations were randomly selected. X: 4, 5, 3, 6, 10 Y: 4, 6, 5, 7, 7 Determine the coefficient of correlation and the coefficient of determination. Interpret the results. The following sample observations were

Regression analysis

For major league baseball teams, do higher player payrolls mean more gate money? Here are data for each of the National League teams in the year 2000. The variable x denotes the player payroll (in millions of dollars) for the year 2002, and the variable y denotes the mean attendance (in thousands of fans) for the 81 home games t

Regression analysis and hypothes testing

NBC TV news, in a segment of the price of gasoline, reported last evening that the mean price nationwide is $1.50 per gallon for self-serve regular unleaded. A random sample of 35 stations in the Milwaukee, WI area revealed that the mean price was $1.52 per gallon and that the standard deviation was $0.05 per gallon. At the .05

(a) Make a scatter plot. (b) Let Excel estimate the regression line, with fitted equation and R2. (c) Describe the fit of the regression. (d) Write the fitted regression equation and interpret the slope e) Do you think that the estimated intercept is meaningful? Explain.

(a) Make a scatter plot. (b) Let Excel estimate the regression line, with fitted equation and R2. (c) Describe the fit of the regression. (d) Write the fitted regression equation and interpret the slope e) Do you think that the estimated intercept is meaningful? Explain. Data Set 1

Multiple Regression (Descriptive Statistics)

I have attached the data set as an excel sheet. Please show step by step process and explanation for each part. show all work on a word doc. Please do not use version 2007 word doc. Readability of Harry Potter: Refer to data set 14 in appendix C and use the values for J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Variation and Prediction Intervals (Descriptive Statistics)

Finding the Measures of Variation: Find the (a) explained variation, (b) unexplained variation, (c) total variation, (d) coefficient of determination, and (e) standard error estimate Se. In each case, there is a significant linear correlation so that it is reasonable to use the regression equation when making predictions. B

Statistical Research Techniques Final Project in SPSS

This is the abstract for the Corwin article in which the RENAL.sav file was collected and analyzed. The citation is in the back of the Norusis text. The RENAL.sav file will be used for both the mid-term AND final projects. We performed a case-control study to identify risk factors for the development of acute renal failure afte